spam Michael Jackson : Who killed Michael Jackson?

Too much news about the death Michael Jackson has started decreasing. However, this does not hinder the spammers to make a program concerning the evil that is telling. Since his death on 25 June 2009, some spam and malware campaigns have.

Top spam subject related to Michael Jackson is:

Who killed Michael Jackson?

All M. Jackson's faces.

Jackson is still alive: proof

Remembering Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and You ...

Tonight: Celine Dion Reflects on Michael Jackson!

Remembering Michael Jackson - the King of Pop; Transformers;

Too ordered Jackson to close Neverland

The Many Fasces Of Michael Jackson

Besides Michael Jackson, President of news about Obama that has served for 100 days is also the first topic to be the target of the attack spammers. Spam is also about 2% of all spam messages. At this time, less than 1% of all spam messages offensive life and death of Michael Jackson. However, in line with the continuously increasing interest of the community of life and death of Michael Jackson, it is estimated that Internet users will continue to see threats that will attempt to take advantage of the emotions and sense of community you want to know this. The recipient must be extra careful of the message that seems related to the death of Michael Jackson, especially the email came from a source not known or not expected.

Here are some examples of the main campaign spam and malware related "Michael Jackson"
Example 1
Symantec has found worm bulk email senders who use Michael Jackson's death as bait. Worm is spreading spam emails with subject "Remembering Michael Jackson" and the insertion of the name "Michael and songs." The. Zip file contains the name of the other "MichaelJacksonsongsandpictures.doc.exe," which is a copy of the worm working on the PC when the user opened the file.

Example 2
A spammer who pretend to be the Michael Jackson concert tickets based in London, sending a message that asks for personal data recipient to receive a refund tickets already purchased.

Example 3
Spammers hiding behind a false message, which appears as an imitation of a notification from a leading social network, in an effort to provoke the recipient of a message to open a malicious URL.

Example 4
Spammers who masquerade as media organizations try to lead the recipient to a malicious URL. []

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