Introducing the USB Speaker

Most desktop computers are equipped motherboards that have their own sound chips so you can plug in a pair of speakers. However, in order for these speakers to work, an additional electric socket is required to give it power. This shouldn’t be a problem for desktop computers that remain stationary and an extension cord or power strip should be enough for the speaker to be plugged in alongside the other computer components.

Laptops can enjoy a similar setup, but when there is a need to take the laptop elsewhere, taking the speakers with you would mean disconnecting the power and jack and that means more wires to sort. Laptops have speakers of their own, but you will always get higher volumes and sometimes better quality sound depending on the speaker brand. The USB speaker is the solution for portable audio power for these reasons.

Self-powered Convenience

The two speakers are connected with each other and then one of them has another wire with a familiar USB connector at the end. There is nothing else present as plugging in the USB into the port is enough to power both of the speakers and serves as the audio transmitter so sounds can come out when played. Most of the laptops and desktops should have more than 3 USB ports so there should be some space to connect a USB speaker in. Because most of these USB speakers are small in size, they are easier to pack in a laptop bag or simply easier to carry around and the overall setup produces less clutter. Finally, USB speakers are very easy install as they are plug and play like other USB peripherals so no drivers are required.

Better Audio Quality

Some brands like Logitech offer better sounding USB speakers than even some of the ordinary speakers. Even if Logitech isn’t the brand, USB speakers will sound better than laptop speakers in most cases and much louder since these speakers have their own volume control allowing the pair to amplify the sound to make music and sound effects sound livelier.

Lots of Models Available

So many models are available in the market right now because these companies want to make sure that customers travel with ease along with their wireless mice and keyboards. The competition is also causing the prices of these speakers to be lower including some of the ones of decent quality. Some of the models available are so minimalistic including the stereo speakers that are connected as a single USB speaker so only one wire is needed. Others come in small circular shapes to make them easier to carry.

If none of the speakers are sold in local stores, a good place to look for cheap USB speakers is at Amazon. There you will find several pairs of USB speakers that cost just above $10 or better sounding speakers above $40. These speakers are best paired with laptops although they should work fine with desktop computers as well. Read Maintaining your Computer Battery ok

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