7 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog

The comment feature of a blog is one of the most interesting part of blogging. Because it is the comment feature through which a blogger interacts with the blog readers or vice versa. That’s why many people thinks that a blog without comments enabled is not a blog. I do agree with that and that’s why I always allow my blog readers to comment on my blog posts.

New in blogging? Want to get more comments on your blog posts? Yes, blog posts without comments looks ugly. Don’t worry the number of comments will increase with time. Just continue producing quality, useful or entertaining content. Though the number of comments basically depend on the content, there are some tricks that top bloggers uses to get more comments on their blogs. No, those tricks are not so tough. In fact anyone can implement them on their blogs. Let me tell you how to do that!

Get More Blog Comments

How to get people to comment on your blog?
  1. Encourage blog readers to leave comments: It is very simple. Write a blog post and ask your readers to leave a comment. Even after enjoying your informative or entertaining blog post, readers may not leave a comment. Because they may have lots of things on their mind and leave the page to find something else. But if you simply ask them to leave a reply, chances are more that some of your blog readers will wait and leave a reply. Why? Because naturally human brains tends to respond to requests.
  2. Ask questions directly: Ask your readers what they think about your view on a topic or simply ask them to leave their own view on a topic. When you have some questions, it is obvious that you will get some answers too. By asking questions you are also inviting your readers directly to engage in the conversation.
  3. Write open ended posts: Even if you know everything, don’t share everything! Write a good post with good points, but leave some room for more points. Allow your readers to say something or add something. If you share every detail of a topic, there will be no room for your readers to add in the form of comments. So, whenever possible keep a post open ended and see the comments coming in from your loyal readers.
  4. Reply to user comments: A response from your side shows that as a blogger you really pay attention to what your readers say or ask. Even if the comment is short or not so interesting, leave a reply. As blog readers are also humans just like you and me, they tend to check back what happened to their conversations. The readers are more likely to comment again if they notice that the blogger promptly replies to their comments.
  5. Become controversial: Controversies are always good for overnight name and fame. That’s why we read about some many controversies in newspapers daily. In blogging also, it can play a great role. Pick some controversial topic and make a statement on your blog. If you are really good at topic selection, soon the number of comments will increase on your blog. But mind it, there is always a flip side to every issue. Before getting into controversy prepare yourself to stand up for your opinion. If you fail there, the ultimate loss will be yours!
  6. Comment on other blogs: Find other blogs in your niche and leave good comments on interesting or useful blog posts. This will work like advertising. Not only the bloggers but also their readers will come to know that your blog exists. To return the favor some bloggers will come to your blog. Who knows that could be the start of an interesting relationship!
  7. You are not always right; admit it when you’re not: You may not know everything or you may not be always right. When you admit it in an interesting way, your blog readers will get a chance to interact and help you. In blogging, comments are the best way to interact. So, more comments on your blog! Many people pretend to know everything and continues to reflect that on their blogs. Just look at some of those so-called expert blogs! This is very harmful for the reputation of a blog and the blogger.
So, those were some basic points on how to get more comments on your blog. I can’t guarantee that you will get tons of comments, but you will definitely get some good comments by implementing some of those techniques. Also there are many more ways to increase blog comments. Take inspirations from others and formulate your own techniques. I am sure that soon comments will start to come!

Want to say something or want to add someting? Feel free to leave a reply!

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  9. 7 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog

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