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For bloggers who don't know the key monotize on blogger, and blog settings you must use the English language. Adsense integration now easier than ever with Blogger's Monetize tab, have you noticed the new "Monetize" tab at the top of your Blogger dashboard?.

This new section of our Blogger dashboards makes it easier than ever to integrate Google Adsense in our blogs and see just how much our blogs are earning.

Google's Adsense program is a simple solution which many Bloggers use to monetize their sites. For some time now, Blogger have made it easy for us to include Adsense ads in the sidebar (as a page element) and around blog posts (as an option in the Layout>Page Elements section, when you click the "Edit" link for your blog posts).

If you have already configured Adsense in your blog by adding an Adsense page element to the layout, or enabling ads between posts, by clicking on the Monetize tab you will be able to see statistics for your earnings, like this:

On this page, there are also links to view your Adsense Payment History, earnings reports and to switch the account associated with this particular blog. You can also choose to "remove ads" from all aspects of your Blogger layout at the click of a button.

For those who have not yet chosen to monetize their sites with Adsense, or who have configured Adsense manually in their templates, you will see a page like this instead:

This means that your Adsense account has not been associated with this blog. No earnings reports will be displayed, even if - like me - you have manually configured Adsense by adding the required JavaScript to your Blogger template code.

For those of you yet to add Adsense to your layout, simply choose one of the ad-layout options most suitable for your needs anc click the "Next" button. You may be required to set up an Adsense account (or associate an existing account with your Blogger profile), after which your ads will be immediately placed in your layout. Then when you visit the Monetize tab, you will be able to see details of your Adsense earnings for the ads you have placed in your layout.I hope this post and become a useful reference for those who want to receive by google adsense.

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  1. mampir berkomentar ada yang versi indonesia gak?

  2. full english ya'...
    untung litle-litle i can. ha..ha,,
    btw nice post...
    ninggalin jejak.

  3. nice info tapi sy gagal aja daftar adsense

  4. very good, very nice, comment must in english Mr. Apih? but my english not very well.. :D

    thanks for share i will to try it. nice info! :D

  5. Kalo saya engga ada monetize tabnya gimana dong

  6. di dasbor saya koq ga ada tab monetize-nya tuh. tolong gimana solusinya ?

  7. kang deni izin ngejawab pertanyaan ya?

    mengapa di deshbor saya tidak ada tam monetize?
    sebelumnya kamu harus mengubah ke template klasik, klo sudah di ubah pasti ada.

    Resikonya mengubah ke temlate klasik, tampilan blog kamu akan berubah total. selain itu, fitur-fitur di template clasik kurang lengkap.

    cara settingnya.
    masik edit template.
    di tempat edit template, lihat di bawah tulisan template lama. pilih saja kemabli ke template lama (klasik)

    Semoga bermanfaat


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