Maximize Your AdSense Income

Do you know ? Google adsense is of course the best and most trusted money making program. This program has extreme and incredible potential to make money from the internet. However, making money with this program is becoming sophisticated day by day, because of huge competition between the publishers who are participating in this program.

There are few strategies that you can try to maximize your Adsense income. Before I actually start, let me tell you something, these strategies worked for me and I cannot guarantee the same success rate. So let’s start.

Changing the Font Face and Size of the Ads:

Google Adsense publishers are allowed to change the Font face and size of the ads… These features are enabled by the AdSense team in the past few months… AdSense allows only 3 standard fonts namely Arial, Times new Roman and Verdana. So make sure that your blog font matches one of these fonts… Change the font face of your ads accordingly to match the font of your blog. AdSense also allows you to vary the size of your ads… You can now choose font size between Small, Medium and Large. Reports suggested that, publishers who are using Medium and larger size fonts make more money than using the smaller fonts, and that’s the reason why Google changed the default font size of the ads from small to medium.

Less ADS More Revenue:

Lot of AdSense users wonder that having more number of AdSense units fetch more money!! But trust me that’s not true in all the cases. Reduce the number of AdSense ad units in your blog or web site and feel the change. I’ve noticed increase in CPC of my AdSense units with the reduction in the number of ad units in a particular page. I would suggest all the AdSense users to have less number of AdSense units rather than using all the ad units in a single page.

Placement Targeting:

There are people who believe that clicks from USA and UK brings some good earnings when compared to clicks from other countries, and know what! That’s true. Advertises from USA and UK pay Google higher per click than the advertisers from China, India etc… so targeting your ads to the USA or UK audience would certainly benefit you.

These are some of the strategies I followed to make some good money from AdSense. I hope this tips would benefit you too. Try the above mentioned strategies and let us know if these tips helped you increase the revenue. Any comments and suggestions are very well appreciated.

Keep blogging and Happy Blogging!!.

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