Mount Tangkuban Perahu : Tourism

A. Overview
Tangkuban Perahu mountain is a volcano located in West Java. This mountain is called Tangkuban boat as shapes similar to the boat upside down. The word "Tangkuban `` (Sundanese) are reversed. Mountain that has a height of approximately 2084 meters above sea level has a range of forest area, the forest Dipterokarp Hill, Top Dipterokarp forest, Montane forest, and forest Ericaceous.

According to history, this mountain had burst in the year 1910 with a strength of 2 Richter Scale. Due to the explosion crater make much smoke that often issued to the low sulfur that is underneath.

According to the story of the local community, history make Mount Tangkuban Perahu Sangkuriang comes from the legend, the child of a beautiful woman named Dayang Sumbi. While small Sangkuriang expelled by his mother, because a dog has been killed (the father Sangkuriang reincarnate / change the form of a dog). Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang and then separated for many years.

After Sangkuriang adults, they finally met. The meeting was Sangkuriang make fall in love and want to marry Dayang Sumbi. However, Dayang Sumbi reject it because he knew that the child is Sangkuriang. To reject the request, Dayang Sumbi submit requirements to create the boat in time for the night. Because it fails to complete the boat, kicking Sangkuriang angry ago throwing to the boat and then became a mountain that looks like the boat upside down.

B. Specialties
Tangkuban Perahu mountain peak, and even similar to the aft of the boat upside down. Form such as this rarely found in the mountain volcanoes in general. In addition to the unique shape, the mountain is also visible in the beautiful mountain slopes tea gardens spread very broadly. From this mountain top, the visitor can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and cool air while you see the atmosphere from a height of Bandung.

A visit to Mount Tangkuban boat, tourists can also see the beauty of ten crater that is located adjacent, the Queen of craters, crater upas, New craters, craters Lanang, Ecoma craters, craters Jurig, invisible crater, Domas crater, craters Jarian, and Pangguyangan Badak. Craters-craters of the sulfur out of smoke out of the vapor between the rocks that are at the bottom of the crater.

Ratu crater, craters policeman, and the Domas crater, is a three-crater of Mt Tangkuban Perahu is often visited by tourists. Ratu crater shaped like a giant bowl of a large and deep. If the weather is sunny in the crater walls, visitors can see the crater basin and the base clearly. Ratu crater is a crater on the mountain is located adjacent to the crater upas, more or less around 1500 meters. Then upas crater shape and is quite shallow even at the lower part, so many trees ditumbuhi wild side at one of the primary crater. Domas crater, while the form of a basin of hot water issue. In the hot springs, and the tourists can use to wash the body, because the womb can heal belerangnya trusted various types of skin disease. Many tourists also take advantage of the hot water source to boil the egg in a way to enter the egg in hot water for about 10 minutes. After ten minutes, the eggs will be cooked and eaten.

For the crater, the crater, a visitor can walk through paths with distance antarkawah that is not so much. The holiday can also rent a mount specific to the location of Queen crater.

C. Location
Tourism of Mt Tangkuban Perahu is located in the Village Cikole, Kecamatan Lembang, Bandung regency, West Java, Indonesia.

D. Access
Tangkuban Perahu mountain located 30 km to the north of the city of Bandung. To object to the location of this tour, visitors can use a private vehicle (car) and public (bus). If visitors use kendaran personal direction of Lembang and Subang, to get to the location through the entrance first, then can travel through the earth side of the camp Cikole. However, if visitors want to go through the entrance of a second, then travel to the north toward the earth from the camp, with a distance of about 3 km. The entrance of the first and second in tourism are on the main road connecting the area with Lembang Subang. For visitors who use cars public (bus) from Bandung, Bandung travel from location to take approximately 50 minutes.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities
In the area around the crater lip upas Ratu crater and there are lots of stalls and kiosks selling various food, beverage, and cuisine that is typical Lembang ketan bakar. In this area many sidewalk vendors who sell various children's games, dolls, hats, bags, handicrafts of the stones, trinkets (bracelets, rings, weapons sharp typical regions, shawl), musical instrument Angklung, stone dust and sulfur (alternative medicine skin disease), bonsai plants, and strawberry fruit vendors who offer trade mudik downstream. For visitors who want to climb the mountain with the ride, there is a riding horse rentals that can deliver these visitors to climb the mountain.

Other facilities, there are Mushala, page parking area, and tourist information centers. Not far from the tourist area, precisely in Lembang area there are lots of lodging and hotel class jasmine.

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