How to Easily Preview Google Adsense with Google Adsense Sandbox

Google Adsense Sandbox is a new tool that serves as a tool that allows us to see a preview ads that may appear on your blog or website pages. The way is easy enough just by entering the URL address and the specific keyword and the results we can see a preview of the ads displayed.

Another advantage is to find the key words are sensitive and easy to see what keywords they used really fit what the target was not, even if not, then the page will display as a public service ads. This is how I think the easiest way to avoid the mistake before the content published by keyword choices.

In addition, GA-Sandbox tools allow us to play with color combinations on the ad, because this tool has support for this purpose. We can also determine the appropriate target adsense ads to geographic locations a specific country, so do not worry anymore peer adsense ads are not showing. For the purposes of this tool was developed.

The Google Ads displayed below are sample ads, based on standard AdSense targeting and filtering. All Adsense publishers have the option of filtering ads to fine-tune the selection of advertisements on their page. Therefore you may find that the ads in the preview tool do not exactly correspond to the ads on the page. Notwithstanding the Terms of Use, you agree to use the Adsense Preview Tool solely to manage your Adsense account or as part of a good faith evaluation of the Google Adsense Program to help you determine whether to enroll as an Adsense Publisher. You may not use the Adsense Preview Tool in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair any Google Services.

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