Jakarta Great Sale 2010

Jakarta Great Sale 2010 will be opened on Friday (18 / 6), 19.30 simultaneously in 33 malls in Jakarta, which consists of Emporium Pluit, Pluit Village, Mall of Indonesia, Senayan City, and Blok M Mall. The opening will also be toned up tens of thousands of fireworks that dilucurkan from each of 33 malls.

The launch fireworks simultaneously for performances Jakarta Great Sale 2010 event is planned to be signed in Indonesian Record Museum will take place on Friday (18 / 6), 19.30. "Aba-aba launch will be conducted from the mall in Central Park by Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo," said Center Director, Central Park, Christopher, when the encounter in Central Park, West Jakarta, today.

Central Park itself will be launching fireworks from the 1400 Tribeca Park, covering nearly one hectare park located in malls, at the opening of the Jakarta Great Sale. Tribeca Park was chosen as the opening ceremony, he continued, because in addition to vast place, all visitors can also see the procession directly.

"That's also the reason why Central Park was chosen as the main place the opening ceremony," Christopher said as quoted from tempointeraktif.com. "And to enliven Jakarta Great Sale, we offer discounts to 80 percent.

Tribeca Park, which lies surrounded by buildings of Central Park mall is designed to carry the concept Ecogreen. In addition to the place prepared for visitors to relax, open green park can also use the children to play.

Besides launching fireworks at 33 shopping malls, the opening ceremony of the Jakarta Great Sale 2010 will be conducted simultaneously in five regions of Jakarta. Among others in Central Park, West Jakarta, an opening ceremony scheduled to be done by, and the Atrium Senen, Central Jakarta, Mall of Indonesia, Jakarta Utara, Blok M Plaza, South Jakarta, and Arion Plaza, East Jakarta, which will be opened by the respective respective local mayor.

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