Prediction Greece vs Argentina

Greece vs Argentina. Kick Off June 23, 2010, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban

Prediction Greece vs Argentina. Present twice in the World Cup, both times Greece had to face Argentina in the preliminary round. At the first meeting at the World Cup in 1994, the Greeks were slaughtered Argentina four goals without reply, and Diego Maradona scored one goal. Argentina recalled that the public action as a last contribution to Maradona for the national team. At the time Maradona scored his 34th, and last for Albiceleste, before expelled from the tournament due to doping.

In Athens, the Greek public remembers it as the most shameful action. At that time, the Greeks came to his first World Cup with the best generation ever had, but had to go home without numbers and can not score goals.

Greece would like to reply to defeat it, but Maradona is to ensure that no empathy for anyone. He still wants to win, and his team scored, so that Argentina became the most productive team. Although no longer the determining game, Maradona is expected to reduce Lionel Messi. Barcelona attacker was considered still owe goals.

Of the two games, yet scored Messki. When faced with Koreal South (ROK), Messi nearly broke only a few times lawan.Namun penalty goal to wing-back Jonas Gutierrez, wing-back Gabriel Heinze, Javier Mascherano and captain, making Maradona should seriously think about the back line. He did not want to be successful due to negligent defeat Argentina stained solve problems at the back.

Juan Sebastian Veron will return as the starter. He was absent when his team beat South Korea 4-1 result cedera.Maradona Greece has seen action against Nigeria. He believes Greece will play the same way, that is bombarding jauh.Ia distance shot past goalkeeper was not worried by the threat of it, because the goalkeeper had brought three skilled enough to overcome the balls shot from outside the penalty box.

In the Greek camp, coach Otto Rehhagel to see this fight as a chance make history a second time. Greece, according to Rehhagel, now no longer haunted by the nightmare of defeat 16 years ago but had a dream the first time present in the second round of the World Cup. Rehhagel saw his team found the same spirit as when winning Euro 2004. He believes that spirit is what is needed to defeat Argentina. Not only that, Rehhagel hopes Maradona to make many changes, but Diego Milito and Sergio Aguero still potentially be a disaster.


Argentina might have to play relaxed, because it had escaped. But they do not want to publicly criticized the world. Maradona wants his team to maintain the momentum of victory. Castro's Argentine World Cup winning matches estimate opportunity to reach 64 percent. Greece only 14 percent. Possible series 22 per cent.

Greece 1 Argentina 2

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