Cara Setting Awal Blackberry Baru

Cara Setting Awal Blackberry Baru. Baru punya blackberry terus bingung cara setting awal, nah di bawah ini panduan cara setting awal blackberry baru, karena rata rata bahasa yang digunakan english maka panduannya english jg biar gampang, tapi kalo anda rada mudeng dengan bhs english bisa di translate lewat google translate :

Congratulations to you who are flowery new blackberry that you just purchased from us. Please check the completeness of the contents of the box and immediately start doing the settings to your new blackberry. This allows the blackberries we can function normally for email, chat or browse.

Many people think that PDA should be doing as complex as settings laptops, for the lay user will experience a hardship in the use and settings. on the BlackBerry, it is simple. Quite a few steps and you are able to enjoy BlackBerry services. Berikut ini cara setting blackberry Anda.

For a little extra prepaid initial setting of the activation regristrasi or GPRS connection and regristrasi BlackBerry. Here are the steps for setting the exposure starting from the beginning of the BlackBerry.

Special to prepay, you have to do regristrasi / GPRS activation and BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service), because until now no other operator that carries the BlackBerry Prepaid simPATI presented here only.

1. Registration GPRS
Type “GPRS” (without the quotes) and send to 6616, in a few moments you will get a notification “Your request for GPRS setup already received. Please wait 48 hours max for successful activation. “Then, if successful would be an sms notification that it” Welcome to SingTel GPRS Service! Your service has been activated. Please visit for more information. ”

2. Regristrasi BIS
BB type REG and soon you will get a reply “you will be charged the BlackBerry Rp.180rb/30 day subscription. If you are willing to type into the BB ON 333. Make sure your phone has supported this service. ”

3. BIS activation
Type BB ON and soon you’ll get a notification “Congratulations, Unlimited Prepaid BlackBerry services you have activated s / d 23/07/2008. Please restart your hp & register your email in Call 116 for more information ”

Before you begin using your BlackBerry, make sure beforehand whether your handset is ready. There are 3 simple ways to find out.

1. View the top right of d, if listed GPRS or EDGE (in uppercase) means your handset was connected to the BlackBerry server. If still listed GSM or GPRS / EDGE handset that you are not yet ready. Try to turn off the wireless or remove your battery for a while, if the process was still no GPRS / EDGE then please double check whether you have the activation GRPS or BIS with your operator.
2. Icon E-mail settings should appear if all processes have been successful.

Email settings
3. To further ensure more, go to Options (or Settings, depending on which theme you use) – Advanced Options – Service Book and liahat whether there sida provisioning. If you already have then we went to the next level.

Next we enter an email and some settings, the way is open the browser, press Menu – Go To and enter the http: . BlackBerrycom where replaced with your operator of Telkomsel, Indosat, or XL. Or more easily select all icon E-mail Settings and you will get a welcome appearance, for confirmation please select Yes, and I Agree

Selanjutya you will be asked to enter your email address, work email should avoid if you do not know the details of a user name / password / incoming server or consult with your office IT side.

The next step is to create a user name and password to log into the BIS Client. This is very important to do because if you later decide to replace the other BlackBerry handsets, you will need a user name and password or repeat this step again from scratch, as well as to prevent undesirable. Suppose you lost handset. Just leave your old account stays in the old handset (do not use that account anymore) and your handset thieves will not be able to use the handset for your account still exists and is locked to the handset PIN is missing.

Attention: Username and password is very important so use your username and password that you remember most

Finish all of this if you still want to add another email address please, or to create an email be done and do not forget to logout. You can add up to 10 email addresses to enjoy the rushing email technology, e-mail requirements could be added to the handset using just enough POP3 or IMAP4 protocols, knowing the username and password, unless for Yahoo! been working with RIM.

Enjoy the enormity blackberry service.

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