Julianne Moore's latest ad Bvlgari handbags

Julianne Moore in the recent advertisement Bvlgari bag. Actress Julianne Moore appears without wearing any clothes, accompanied by two male cubs in the recent advertisement Bvlgari bag. In the latest campaign edition Bvlgari for autumn / winter Moore lay in a recliner with a bag covering Bvlgari sensitive body parts with two lions. Actually not the first time 49-year-old actress was nude in an advertisement Bvlgari. Earlier this year, Julianne Moore appeared nude for ad Bvlgari edition jewelry and handbags spring / summer, accompanied by two male parrots. The campaign themed "Eccentric Charisma."

The Italian brand chose Moore as an ambassador for the campaign because their products in accordance with Moore's charm campaign launched by Bvlgari. This time Moore will not only be preoccupied by Bvlgari campaign but also the promotion of her latest film "The Kids Are All Right" which will be released this weekend. In the film Moore playing with Anette Bening as a lesbian couple who married and has two children. Problems arise when their children were secretly find out who their father (sperm donor). Other players involved in the film is Mark Rufallo, Mia Wasikowska and Josh Hutcherson.

Moore has a real-life husband, director Bart ie Freudlich and has two children. He claimed to have no trouble playing as a lesbian parent. "What is happening to me is that I've been with someone for 15 years now, and we have two children. So do not vary with lesbian or gay parents else I know. Parenting is parenting. It's more to people than that define your sexuality , "said Moore told Time magazine, cited a case of the Daily Mail.

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