Foto Syur Manohara

Foto Syur Manohara. Manohara Odelia Pinot tripped again. This time the naked photos circulating in cyberspace. She asserted that photographs had been circulated a year ago and now again he denies. "That video is cut into pieces and the same picture ditempelin Mano. Mano want clarification. The photo was taken from the video that has been spread a year ago, "said Manohara encountered in Building Trans TV, Jakarta, recently.

He also asked reporters to remember anymore. "Reporters have never tanyain Mano a year ago," uliknya. Mano confirmed from some of the anatomy visible in the photograph, it was not him. The photographs are deliberately withheld from the video, then as Ariel porn video case was booming, the image is issued again.

"So this is for the second time, Mano clarification about the photo. Since the first form of videos ever removed from a year ago, "he said. Manohara admitted disturbed. He's so busy because many are asking. Journalists contact her and asked again. "But remember this year Mano a Mano went out and never clarified," he said.

Manohara says not to worry if the image is up to the police. Moreover, he believed it was not her picture. "He (the police) can also see the video rather than Mano. I think the video was also not me, yes, "he argued. When asked whether the photograph was allegedly deliberately disseminated by the Kelantan, Mano asserted would not bother anyone who wants to defame his name. "I have nothing to worry about that," he said.

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