Carbon Monoxide Detector Signals Garage Doors to Open Automatically

Carbon Monoxide Detector Signals Garage Doors to Open Automatically - A Florida man has developed a carbon monoxide detector that signals garage doors to open if CO toxins trapped inside the garage reach dangerous levels. John Vole spent more than 20 years developing the alarm after a news story about an accidental death inspired him to build a preventive device.

If CO levels inside the garage reach 150 parts per million, the carbon monoxide detector will sound an alarm within 20 minutes. The alarm prompts the electric garage door opener to open the door to help reduce toxin levels. Units also can be linked to an alarm panel to notify police and fire departments of a possible emergency.

Vole said placing an automatic door opening response system is important because a carbon monoxide detector placed inside a well-sealed home likely will not detect dangerous levels occurring inside the garage.

According to a three-year study released in 2000 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 5,376 deaths attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning in stationary vehicles from 1995-1997. Of those deaths, 665 were ruled accidental. Sixty percent of those accidental deaths occurred at home.

Vole’s company, Second Chance, sells the carbon monoxide alarm for $99 on eBay.

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