eBay: Market Will Grow eCommerce Indonesia

eBay: Market Will Grow eCommerce Indonesia - Market online-shopping or electronic commerce (eCommerce) in Indonesia is still small. But eBay was sure if it will evolve in the next few years.

It was announced by Chief Operation Officer of eBay Marketplace to China and Southeast Asia, Oliver Hua, during a keynote speech at the University of Bina Nusantara, Jakarta, Monday (24/01/2011) night.

The proof, said Oliver, since eBay's spread its wings to Indonesia, the sale and purchase of goods by consumers online Indonesia on eBay continues to increase every year. Unfortunately Oliver did not give details of the amount of the increase in question.

"We realized that to develop eCommerce in Indonesia does require time. Prediction of us in the next 5 years ahead, growth will be quite big," said Oliver.

In Indonesia alone, eBay has been in operation by cooperating with local colleagues, Plasa.com. This cooperation has been ongoing since last year. But despite working together, continued Oliver, selling items / products between eBay and Plasa.com still separate. Even so, hook the local peer is one of eBay's efforts to gain market share in Indonesia.

"The way we are to popularize and improve the traffic eBay's service in Indonesia is by cooperating with local colleagues and improve the knowledge society will be eBay," he said.

Currently, eBay is an online-shopping sites in the world with approximately 90 million active eBay users worldwide. Every day there are approximately six million products entered into eBay. This company has different competitors in each country but to co-payment, eBay has teamed up with PayPal, Classified, Shopping.com and Stubhub. (source : techno.okezone.com)

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