"Apple is our soul"

"Apple is our soul" - An anonymous worker that used for the signature of the block seems to be in a cult, the employee reveals how technological instructs his team to instill the 4 pillars.
The 46.600 employees Apple are generally happy with their jobs, and rarely does it occur to anyone to leave the language.

But it happened. In the latest edition of the journal Popular Mechanics, An employee of store Apple Store is sincere (albeit anonymously) and talk about what happens behind the scenes.

Here are some excerpts:

Apple Creed: Sometimes the company like a sect. For example, give us all this little pamphlet that says things like, to paraphrase- "Apple is our soul, our soul is our people." Or things like "We aim to provide technological greatness." And there was a training session where they told us how to work our personality, and separated people from those with an external focus and others with an internal focus. It was weird.

Sell MobileMe We are not paid on commission, but you fear for your job when you do not sell enough. We're supposed to sell support AppleCare with almost all products, and honestly, are not so difficult to sell, they offer a good security plan. But they also want to sell the service MobileMe, And that it is difficult. Nobody gets sold.

Safety: There are security guards everywhere. Go undercover, so you can not know who they are. Many of them are retired policemen, and are paid quite well. They have to deal with people who come in with baby strollers and try to use them to take Time Capsules and iPods.

You win the ambition: When I'm there, I absorbed the competitive culture. I'm usually quiet, but when I'm in the store, it's all about Sell, sell, sell! I want to level up, earn a promotion and reach Genius Bar, Which is where I want to be. Who does not want to be a genius?
(source : www.cnnexpansion.com)

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