Google reform their algorithm to punish the copied contents

Google reform their algorithm to punish the copied contents - Google periodically changes its algorithms for refining searches. "Subtle changes that few people notice," admits the form. However, Google has announced a change that promise, you will have a greater impact. The algorithm aims to touch the priority in the hierarchy of the list of results original content sites and punish those who live on the copy or call Farms content sites designed solely to achieve a good position in the search-based strategies that have nothing to do with the development of solid content. A good location on Google means more visits and a greater influx of advertising for the site.

Obviously, Google does not reveal what these changes. Explained only 11.8% which will affect the results. At the moment, is introduced in the U.S., but its application was extended to other countries.

According to the company, this change is designed to penalize low quality sites "that are of low value added for users who copy content from other web sites or sites that are not very useful." Some media have expressed concerns about the concept of "utility" that can implement the search. Google says, will favor sites that offer "original content and information on research, in-depth, thoughtful analysis ..."

A content farm is a site that offers an enormous number of articles-Demand Media gets to publish more than 4,000 newspapers and its share price yesterday fell 4% - on issues particularly sought by Internet users trying to generate traffic. Articles nothing elaborate, whose sole purpose is to position the site in the top of the browser. Some of these pages for information scrap pay $ 400 (290 euros) per 200 Articles. Jason Calacanis, founder of Weblogs, and in 2007 said that the practitioners of these tricks should look in the mirror and ask if that's what they wanted to offer their customers. This kind of sites created, he said, a true Internet pollution.

The tricks employed by these sites are very different kinds, from the masking of links, keyword saturation, hidden text for the visitor, however, detect browsers, use of misspellings (eg ..

With the aim of achieving a "healthy ecosystem web, Google recently introduced its Chrome browser a tool that allows the surfer to block a site that has appeared in search results and seems irrelevant to keep coming back in future searches . Google has stated that the new algorithm is not based on information collected by this tool links discarded but that 80% of the sites will be punished and were largely blocked by users of this option in the browser.

This change occurs within a few weeks after Google said it no longer reflects Instant Google sites that are suspected of infringing intellectual property. This measure does not affect traditional searches. The filter is applied to the suggestions (the words that are completed when you type into the search window) for links.

The algorithm that governs the search engine spiders are known for a long time, some criteria such as priority to sites that are more links to third, a clear symptom, in principle, of interest.

Search Engine Land has a zero content websites like eHow depth, which was in first place when a surfer searching how to get pregnant quickly, and has disappeared from this place of honor.

A few days ago, Google penalized the store, which had reached agreements with several universities by offering discounts of 10% to students in exchange for the websites of the schools submit links to your store.

The change announced by Google responds to the need for prestige of their search results. Regardless of the success of links prescribed by the friends of social networks that find more with the interests of Internet users that query, the search system itself is under suspicion. A group of companies complained to the European Union to search for, say, manipulates its famous algotirmos to hurt sites that may pose a competition and feel that the company abused its dominant position in the search sector.

The European Union, announcing the opening of the investigation, said that this did not mean to give credence to the claim until they conclude the same. Google receives a billion queries a day.

Google's news will be welcomed by the media seriously dedicated to information which are directly harmed by the practices of fraudulent sites in the hierarchy of search results.

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