Chicago white sox expect to wake up in the regular season

Chicago white sox expect to wake up in the regular season - Chicago White Sox open their season Friday by visiting one of their worst rivals in the AL Central Division Ameicana, the Cleveland Indians.

The patipálidos have a 57-53 mark in the opening of season (13-15 against the Indians) and 31-30 when they do away from home. Although in its favor must say they have won nine of his last 14 starts and five of the nine who has been held outside Chicago.

Responsible for opening the season on the mound will again be Mark Buehrle, who extended his team record in nine starts, and opening a significant gap to his predecessor, Billy Pierce (7).

The Sox bolstered their batting clocking to Adam Dunn, one of the most powerful hitters in the majors with 10 years experience in the National League. Now comes to the American League with the intention of returning to the top divisional patipálidos based on fly balls.

The patipálidos start the season with a budget of $ 120 million payroll, which is an increase of $ 20 million last year. So the expectation among his supporters into great. Especially if the former pitcher Cy Young winner, Jake Peavy, manages to leave behind their injuries and pays according to its status as a starter.

However Peavy will not start the season due to tendinitis, so it is dropped from the rotation, forcing Buehrle have to shoot again next Wednesday in Kansas City. While the pitcher Phil Humber will start the season in the bullpen and make his first start April 9 against Tampa Bay.

According to sources close to the team, Peavy may not be ready to play until late April, which is certainly a handicap in this early season for the team.

However the team has enough talent to make war in their division, although it is unclear whether it will have sufficient potential for the Twins vanishes.

Sox spring training has been pretty bad at the end mark of 11-20-1. While Ozzie Guillen says the pilot who prepared to look and make some noise in the regular season, not spring training.

"We're not the type of team that's kicked back in spring training," says Guillén. "I'd rather see the kids healthy, playing good baseball and pitching well. For me it was a great spring training. But it's still fun for us to know who will be the player 23, 24 and 25. A lot of people come to me and says, 'Hey, the team is now complete. " This is the most difficult since I'm directing this team ... to make the final decision. Because I think everyone has played well enough to stay. "

Guillen prefers to look on the bright side while evaluating the preparation of his team.

"I think the guys started to swing the bat better," Guillen said. "That was a concern. Hopefully when the lights, are all ready to play. I think everyone has a lot of at-bats. Now, if we started very badly at the start of the season, nobody can complain about spring training. We have no excuse, "says Guillén.

"I think everybody is ready. I am satisfied with what we have. I think everyone did their job very well. Obviously, we look at the column of victory in the spring and not very pretty, but do not worry about it. "


2010 season: 88-74, second in AL Central

Key signings: Adam Dunn (1B), Jesse Crain (RHP), Will Ohman (LHP).

Major casualties: Manny Ramirez (DH), Bobby Jenks (RHP), JJ Putz (RHP), Scott Linebrink (RHP).

Possible lineup: Juan Pierre (LF), Gordon Beckham (2B), Adam Dunn (DH), Paul Konerko (1B), Alex Rios (CF), Carlos Quentin (RF), Alexei Ramirez (SS), AJ Pierzynski (C) Brent Morel (3B).

Possible Rotation: Mark Buehrle (LHP), Jake Peavy (RHP), Gavin Floyd (RHP), Jon Danks (LHP), Edwin Jackson (RHP).

Closer: Matt Thornton (LHP)

Manager: Ozzie Guillén.

Open fire

Indians vs. White Sox
Opener: vs. Fausto Carmona. Mark Buerhle
Day: Friday April 1
Stadium: Progressive Field, Cleveland
Time: 2:05 pm (CSN) 
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