Kate and William shielding her love

Kate and William shielding her love - They are young and in love. Will star in the wedding of the year, but only a few days before the voice of experience has reminded the Prince William that not all fairy tales have happy endings. British lawyers divorce experts have recommended to the Crown sign a prenuptial agreement with Kate Middleton before cutting the cake.

Nobody wants to talk about these things in the midst of preparations, but we must not forget that the royal family is an expert in failed marriages and the law, when love is just like the rest of mortals. There is no need to take a look at the background: Three of the four children of Queen Elizabeth II are divorced.

The case of Carlos is the most notorious. Although the Prince of Wales and Diana separated in 1992, it was not until 1996 when they signed the papers to legally put an end to their relationship. As told in 2004 the "Sunday Telegraph", the former financial adviser, Geoffrey Bignell, Lady Di carry off with money from his ex who gave nearly all their "savings" personal.

However, it is believed that Carlos did not learn and is wanted not want to sign any agreement before marrying his second wife Camilla, that really was the love of his life. While some say they now talk of such things is distasteful, others, like Matthew Tully Brunsdon, deFamilia law professor at the London School of Economics in London, believe it is necessary and in the future could be avoided wasting time, money and suffering.

"With the highest divorce rates of all time is prudent, at least they think might happen," matiza.Es true that William and Kate have known each other for eight long years, they have lived and have gone through a split that has done nothing to strengthen their relationship, but realistically do you have a magic wand that will ensure eternal love?

Family money
A priori, the heir would have much more to lose if their marriage failed. Beginning because you could lose the engagement ring of her mother, Princess Diana. William gave it to his girlfriend to somehow stay together the two women who have touched her life, but it would have to return if things go wrong? In economic matters would not be a former William anyone. The legacy of her grandmother, the Queen of England is estimated of around 290 million pounds, according to the list of country's richest people compiled by 'The Sunday Times.

The Middleton coffers are not negligible. No one knows for certain how much build up your successful business selling "on line" of articles of children's party, but for the wedding the bride's parents would pay 100,000 pounds (113,000 euros) to cover, inter alia, the costs luxury suites which house the night before the big day.

Although more than money, if young people have signed an agreement-a subject on which it wants to Clarence House, Kate would have been able to file a confidentiality clause not to grant interviews that once made Diana . And, for years, the British royal family is known in Britain as "firm." Anyone who works with them is to sign a contract to keep his mouth shut.

Prenuptial agreements are common in some countries, such as the United States but in Britain remain low, and until last year the courts did not accept in case of divorce. Katrin Radmacher, heir to one of the great fortunes in Germany, was responsible for historical change. When she married the Frenchman Nicholas Granatito in 1998, the couple signed a pact pledging to divorce if neither party would seek other's heritage.

The agreement was valid in Germany and France, but not in England where the couple had their residence. When they ran out of love, a lower court granted the former husband 5.8 million pounds, which was reduced by an appeals court to a million more child support. But Radmacher not give up and took the case to the Supreme Court that ended up agreeing with him.

For the occasion, the German billionaire had Fiona Shackleton, the country's most influential advocate for such cases. He has starred in the most notorious episodes, such as Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. Although his reputation for cunning and unscrupulous bloodhound began in 1992 when he defended the separation from Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson.

The experts were so impressed that one of the most important scholars of the time, Lord Gooldman, advised Prince Charles that the hired during his divorce from Princess Diana. Hopefully, your contact with the royal family not resume in the future.

Kate, much more than a brand
The young Middleton has become the best brand for the UK. It is a confident and sophisticated that could inject into the economy of the islands to 2,000 million pounds (more than 2,250 million euros) through tourism, fashion and even the NGOs. And, while Diana managed to become the queen of charities after her divorce from Charles, Kate has begun collaborating with them from the time of commitment.

Experts say do not be surprised if his economic legacy was more important than the Olympics. "VisitBritain" says the day of the 600,000 tourists will link more than average, which could generate up to 50 million pounds. In a matter of fashion, is exceeding even the impact of Michelle Obama. In addition, the journals are clear. After the photo of Kate and Camilla lunch together would generate 40,000 pounds in Britain alone is estimated that a snapshot of newlyweds loving attitude could reach one million pounds.

(source : http://www.larazon.es/noticia/5033-kate-y-guillermo-blindan-su-amor)

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  1. I believe that the royal wedding will take wedding style in a new direction from the casual. And I think we're more interested in the details and the big day than the British. Good luck Prince William and Kate.

  2. Princes Diana was a great princes everyone will say this she was kind hearted but she is no more now anyway we shall see Middleton will fulfill her role.

  3. Both of the sure are good couple, Kate Middleton is so beautiful and gorgeous. Prince William sure knows what he is getting into. I can say that they are both lucky with each other. Epic


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