William and Kate: the royal wedding in 26 letters

William and Kate: the royal wedding in 26 letters - Millions of people will be there in the streets of London next Friday to attend the wedding of Prince William and his beloved Catherine Middleton . This marriage has been termed the dream wedding of the century the British, and also much attention in the press worldwide.

We have summarized in 26 letters.

A AS ALLIANCE: William will spend the knot with Kate, but his bride will do the same. Because the prince does not want marriage , like his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh.

B AS KISS: photographers pointing their telephoto lenses on the famous balcony of Buckingham. But nobody knows for sure if young people will share a kiss in public, like Charles and Diana 30 years ago.

C AS Carriage: noblesse oblige, the bride arrived in a Rolls Royce, will leave in a carriage when the wife became the second in the order of succession: an open car when the weather is nice, a sumptuous glazed hitch already used by Diana , if it rains.

AS OF DIANA: almost 15 years after his death, William's mother, dear to the hearts of Britons will be the ultimate reference of the day.

E AS ephemerides: wink of fate? April 29th is the day of St. Catherine of Siena ..., patron saint of Italy.

F AS FERGIE : black sheep of the family, the aunt of William is not the party. No more than Obama. There will still moult celebrities among the 1,900 guests , starting with the Beckhams. And also the postman, the butcher and the grocer of the village of Kate.

G AS CAKES: there will be two to 300 guests enjoy the banquet at Buckingham . A "fruitcake" for tradition and the chocolate cake with William doted child , to please him.

H AS HUMANITARIAN no blender or gravy boat on the wedding list, but donations to 26 charities. The queen, for her marriage, had received more than 2,500 present, including ... two pairs of socks.

I LIKE "I DO": this will be the "yes" the most anticipated of the year, delivered to some two billion viewers, hundreds of thousands of photographers and journalists. Not to mention the 600,000 tourists who rally in London.

J AS JUBILEE: for all fans who will miss the essence of royal rendezvous royal this, there will be a repeat session in June 2012, with the festivities for the 60-year reign of Elizabeth.

K AS KATE: finished diminutives. Miss Middleton is not responding in the name of Catherine, before being granted by the queen as befitting the wife of a future king. Princess, Duchess?

AS THE HONEYMOON: Kenya or Mauritius, or ...? speculation is rife on the honeymoon the couple will do before settling in a cottage in Wales. While there is no choice of sobriety through the course on one of the royal properties.

M AS WEATHER : conservative, national weather only issue an omen that five days before the big day. According to statistics, it has rained only 6 times on April 29 during the last twenty years. Several carriages were provided depending on the weather .

N AS NIGHT: it will be short for those who sleep on the journey to the front row, and some of the "happy few" guests at Westminster. Those expected from 7:15 (GMT) in the Abbey, over ... half past two before the arrival of the bride.

O AS ORCHESTRA: The Band of the Royal Air Force, where William is a pilot, will be maneuvering for the musical, with the trumpeters of the "Household Cavalry, a chamber orchestra and two choirs.

PUBS AS P: for the joy is at its height, they close later. This will allow the subjects of his Gracious Majesty to lock through a few extra pints of wine "Kiss Me Kate."

Q AS QUEEN: by marrying his grand-son with the wise Kate , the queen can hope to turn the page of a black series for the monarchy, Charles's divorce through the antics of the sultry "Fergie", Sarah Ferguson.

R AS REPUBLICANS: they try valiantly to make their voices heard and organize a block party alternative to London for all those who think that the British no longer have anything to do with royalty.

SCOTLAND YARD AS S: for the police, fearing attacks or thugs, the wedding will look like a nightmare. There will be men in civilian clothes in the crowd, snipers on rooftops and neighborhoods curly.

T AS WITNESSES: this will be Harry, the turbulent brother William , and "Pippa", the sister of Kate . Harry has promised "a few good stories" in the speech he has concocted. But, I promise it will be "selective" because the queen will be present.

U UNIFORM AS: it held that William could choose to drive Kate to the altar. The young woman judge does not suit the military "so sexy"?

V AS HOLIDAYS: the wedding will be synonymous with bridge, with a holiday special. Many will benefit from which to escape the media barrage.

WESTMINSTER W AS: When Kate and William will say "yes" in Abbey Gothic 1,000 years of royal history to behold . For centuries, the building houses coronations, weddings and funerals. In 1997, William, 15, had followed the funeral of his mother.

X AS UNKNOWN: it is of course the toilet of the bride . The suspense, carefully maintained, lasted until the end. Requires austerity, it should be more discreet than a luxury dress fairy tale of Diana.

Y AS YUK! (yuck, in English): For all those who have had enough of this marriage, the "sick bag" in the image of the couple , invented by a British designer, will be an indispensable ally for this (very) long day's festivities.

Z AS ZARA PHILLIPS: The daughter of Princess Anne will be the next to marry. But his marriage was overshadowed by the star couple she would, according to press reports, saddled with the nickname of "Ken and Barbie".
(source : www.leparisien.fr)

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