Ver Triunfo del Amor capitulo 151

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Triunfo del amor capitulo 151 : After years, finally found his daughter Victoria, relive those terrible scenes This week is very intense for the telenovela Triumph of Love, because after years of Victoria Sandoval finally found her daughter. He never imagined that his little Mary would be a woman who has done so much damage to humiliate and abuse, Mary Forsaken. Victoria discovered the truth when he saw a crucifix given to John Paul, he asked Maria why he was and he replied that his biological father had given him, returned to the scene is heartbreaking, But Victoria did not say she was his mother, Juan Pablo since before it was confirmed. Hours after Victoria returned to the environment and confessed to Mary that she was the mother was and said how things had gone, but Mary shock and will not forgive, revive this scene, After the rejection of his descendants, Victoria Osvaldo trying to vent with him, told him that he had found his daughter, check out the scene here. Finally, John Paul told Bernard that Victoria knows the truth, he immediately went to take her to the neighborhood to try to poison him against the worst enemy, but he claimed Forsaken since separated from her mother and blamed for all the misfortunes he has suffered in his life, watch the scene here. What does it take to MarĂ­a Victoria forgive?

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