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Do you have Watch I Am Number Four Megavideo ? I Am Number Four Movie Online and I Am Number Four Video Steraming has a bit of a troublesome pedigree. The movie's based on a popular young adult novel written by "Pittacus Lore," the pen name shared by authors James Frey and Jobie Hughes. That novel is the first product of James Frey's so-called "fiction factory," Full Fathom Five, whose mission is to manufacture literary phenomena like the Twilight saga. I can't speak for the book, but Number Four's cinematic incarnation is proof that it's hard to sweep the nation on purpose.

With only his protector, Henri (Olyphant) to keep him safe, Number Four must evade the Mogadorian invaders combing Earth to locate him and his fellow Lorien survivors. As the film opens, Number Four and Henri have just relocated to Paradise, Ohio in response to the capture and execution of Number Three. For some reason (explained, I've discovered, in the novel but not the film) the Mogadorians have to kill the Lorien kids in order, which means Four is next. Henri hopes that the move to Paradise will throw the "Mogs" off the trail, but of course, all is not as quiet as it seems. On top of the Mogadorian issues, Four also has to deal with the trials of high school life.

He's got to work out a relationship with his first love, artsty Sarah Hart (Agron), protect his nerdy new pal Sam (Callan McAuliffe), and deal with Mark (Jake Abel), the local jock supreme. Thankfully, he gets a bit of help from fellow alien Number Six (Teresa Palmer), who joins in the third act for the sole purpose of kicking arse. Pretty standard fare--exactly what you might expect from a book written around a specific formula.

This same framework might have produced a much better movie, but frankly, Number Four has little else going for it.

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