Things To Keep In Mind When Promoting Your Blog Through Comments

Many bloggers use to leave comments in someone else's blog to promote their blogs. That's not a bad idea. If you post a comment on some article with a link back to your blog you may have at least one visit. But between promotion and spam there's a fine line so here is a short list of things to keep in mind if you want to promote your blog using comments:

  • Say something relevant: I've seen lots of comments just saying "visit my blog" or even worse, some posts comments saying nothing. Most people will consider such comments as spam. If you have never seen this type of comment is because most bloggers delete them as soon as they read them. Even if those comments were not deleted, few follow a link on a stupid comment.
  • Be polite: You can express any idea politely, even if you disagree with the author. Politeness is a sign of intelligence. You may possess the absolute truth, but some people will not trust in someone talking rudely. So, it's better to be polite if you want to attract readers to your blog.
  • Use controversy sparingly: While most people enjoy a good discussion based on interesting ideas really few of them likes stupid controversy. If you create controversy where none exists you may attract some traffic but few regular readers.
Consider TrackBack: Have a long comment? post it in your own blog and notify the author with a TrackBack ping. It's like posting a comment on your own blog with a side effect, people have to visit your blog to read the comment. Most blogging tools have support for TrackBack.

Although this short list is intended for blog promotion I think it's valid for everyone posting comments out there. Do you have any comments about it?

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  1. Hahaha... That's true. Seldom will I visit a blog if they merely leave a vague silly comment. I believe in substance. =)

  2. okeh mang artikelnya so good,,,suksus slalu blog

  3. bukan angan yg apih berikan tapi kepastian yg ku dapat,.....
    punte teu tiasa inggris
    inggrisna nga saukur
    thankyou apih


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