Difference between WordPress and Blogger

You already know or not? already know that it does not ignore, if not know the difference between a blogger with wordpress, that in the era of technology is now well advanced, such as this to have a Website / Blog is not hard. Many ways to instantly start creating a website / Blog, one of which you can use software-free software you can download via the internet, such as Blogger, WordPress and Joomla.
Even for you who want to have E-Commerce or a trade through the World Wide Web even if you can do with them instantly and easily. You do not need a headache-a headache for thinking how to design a database and the script programe.

Software E-Commerce can also you can just through the internet with this free software such as Commerce and CubeCart. From some of the software for instant make website / blog as mentioned above, there are certainly advantages and minus. Here I only want to explain the differences between Blogger and WordPress are the version of me, that's clear from both the web service is equally free you can try to memluai create a website / Blog.

Here the difference between WordPress and Blogger :

  1. WordPress can import an existing posting on Blogger / Blogspot Blogger tidah otherwise can import an existing post on WordPress.
  2. WordPress comment form that provides user friendly while Blogger is rather difficult to give a comment, but if you can setting of course be user friendly
  3. Blogger Drag Drop menu provides an easy to use, while difficult to WordPress Drag Drop edit the page element.
  4. Blogger support Google Adsense that is easy for us to use the Edit element page, while not supporting Wordpress Google Adsense, although many provide a plugin google Adnsense.
  5. To the level of friendship blogger is superior compared with wordpress
  6. WordPress is superior in the case of tackling the spam because it was in complete with anti-spam plugin, The Blogger can do with moderation in order from commenting system.
  7. If you already have a domain and hosting your own WordPress software is already available and ready to install in your dashboard. Meanwhile, Blogger is not available there. But you can also use your domain and hosting on Blogger.
Perhaps there are many more advantages and disadvantages of Blogger and WordPress which I know not. If you want to add please reply.?

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  1. wah keren buanget nih kang, jadi sekarang ane tahu dech bedanya,,,,,,makasih yah kang

  2. Great article, I hope this article go to number one on the SEO..

  3. nice to know my friend. although I haven't tried wordpress, I think wordpress is better than blogger.

  4. Yah...walo pake blogger atau wordpress,tapi bloggingnya gak konsisten(males posting maksudnya) ya sami mawon toh mas...heheh


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