Keyword "Mbah Surip" Number One on Twitter

Name Mbah Surip during his life for this may be only known in Indonesia. However, the suspect who, once dead, he can direct popular in the world.

Why? Only in a matter of hours, news about Mbah Surip directly into most popular topic in Twitter. Microblogging network sites is putting the keyword "Mbah Surip" in the first rank, the other topics, such as Michael Jackson and even the election in Iran.

"... Many Hahahahahha blonde girl 'WHO IS MBAH SURIP hahahha ...," write Twitter user with the initials JaneAdelaide. Can be, as it is a reaction to the U.S., Japan, UK, Brazil, and South Africa while monitoring Twitter and found this post Surip champion.

Since news of death Surip champion, on Tuesday (4 / 8), that information is directly in the virtual world. Twitter one of the places on the news is surprising.

Most any posts on Twitter about speech mourning the death Mbah Surip. However, since the entry into Trending Topics Twitter noon the day, many people on these phenomena.

"Mbah Surip be trending topics HA HA HA," write the user's Twitter initial Selviavira.

Twitter at this time of transformation has not only become the microblogging site to update the status of all members. As many users, Twitter be an alternative news site. Post Twitter user status to be hot to see all the people, not including the user's Twitter.

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