Search engine optimize : SEO is Competition

Each person has his or her own goal of creating a website or blog. Some create a website or blog for business, for hobby, means of communication, etc. If we notice in general, many of the authors of website or blog want their website or blog become so popular with many visitors to their blog or website. However, to create a blog or website with many visitors is not that easy. It needs the extra-hard works from the authors.

i am kinda disagrees with the articles that talk about the easy way to bring in many visitors, the usage of SEO tool that can place our blog in the first page of Search Engine, etc. What i am wants to underline is that we have to learn seriously and work hard to reach the goal, let’s say no “easy”! and now let’s find an example.

Many people say that to invite many visitors to your website or blog, you only need to master the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That's Right, but you should know that mastering SEO is not that easy, you need to learn harder and harder. Essentially, SEO is Competition. How many people master the SEO? It can be Millions. So, why do people say “easy”?

Another example is by submitting the articles to any social bookmarking site. Again, that’s true, but it needs the process and your work, and much time. Need to consider that many other website authors do the same with you, submitting their articles to social bookmarking sites, even some use the Submitter Tool. So, essentially, this is still a competition. You need to work hard to win the competition. So, what does it mean? It means that this way is not an “easy” way, right?

Still not satisfied? We take another example; that is the usage of SEO tool. By using the SEO Tool, your website can be in the first page of Search Engine. That could be right, but not 100% guarantee. Again, you should consider how many people who use the same SEO tool as yours, it must be many because you purchase it from the website as SEO Tool provider. Besides that, you should think of the other website authors who use the SEO Tool from many other trademarks. Again, all is competition.

Hope you found the list useful. Want to add anything to the list? Share with us! Happy Blogging!!.

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