Speed up loading page with CSS Compressor

Compression techniques on the CSS is not able to improve the performance of your blog page loading. In the sense here is not so super fast, but tends toward optimizing CSS. If we are talking speed problem loading page, CSS is only compress one of the ingredients course, there is no way as well as any other than the optimum size image (do not compare with the speed of internet connection ... so first we consider only connection that we use the same).

CSS Drive - CSS Compressor  is a free service that normal use for this purpose. Interestingly, this tool provides a level of 3 different compression modes, namely Light, Compact and normal. How it works, this method of compression CSS seeks to reduce the size of the space and comments are not necessary. Recommend to the new CSS especial do not try direct mode, and Super Compact Strip .. All Comments should use the Light mode and do not strip any comments first. To understand that is can be tried on the next level compression option Advanced mode.

In addition to the function of compress mode, we also recognize Uncompress. Usually used as of the uncompress. CSS Drive unfortunately does not have this functionality, I suggest that we can try this service on the CSS Optimizer .

Compression on the CSS way Blogger: (do not forget to backup before all the code in the Edit HTML)

On the Edit HTML, CSS code is usually located between code please copy-paste all the code and do a compress the tools above, if it is copy-.. again paste in the code that compress to the Edit Html in the original position. Happy trying, keep blogging.

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