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Web Hosting is a web data storage service that your website can be accessed from all over the world. Web hosting servers are equipped with a server side applications to read and translate the script such as php, asp etc.. Web hosting services, we are also equipped with additional features such as Email, FTP Instant web builder and web installer as RV Site Builder and Fantastico Deluxe. With the latest version of cPanel, you can easily manage the web, even though people can easily master the management of web servers including email, FTP, etc.. We provide the location of the server 2 which can be customized with your target visitors.

Hosting Server Indonesia
Indonesia server location, suitable for those of you who have the target web visitors from indonesia. Server is connected to the network and the Open IIX IXP on 1Gbps path, so that very quickly when accessed from the connection in the country. However, Indonesia is also a server equipped with a connection to the Foreign country is big enough, so that your site can also be accessed from outside the country well. This is especially important considering most of the site's search engine access from abroad.

USA Server Hosting
Location USA server, ideal for those of you who have a web with a target international visitors, from the access in the country may be a little slow, but access from outside the country so quickly that your business can go International, and easily recognized by Search Engines such as google and yahoo.
USA server is also equipped with a backup feature to a different datacenter, so you will feel at risk of losing data.

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