About Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop, to be sure all know what the sense of adobe photoshop so I do not have to explain the meaning of adobe photoshop program, so what would be discussed on this blog, right on this blog I will try to give something to do with the program adobe photoshop can learn about adobe photoshop tutorials and how to use adobe photoshop program, plug in adobe photoshop, adobe photoshop action and many more are included in this program.

To start a discussion about adobe photoshop, I'll try to give tips and quick development of adobe photoshop. Program in adobe photoshop adobe issued by the company that includes several other programs like adobe reader, adobe elements, adobe illustrator and much more, because I only learn one program issued by the company is adobe adobe photoshop then I will give you all my experience gained in running or using this photoshop adobe program.

Glimpse of my journey with adobe photoshop, the first time I knew this program from a friend in 1997, at the time the new adobe photoshop 5 released versions, this program is sufficient to process the images because this program is devoted to process images, such as photo, and computers used to run adobe photoshop ver.5 using the Intel Pentium MMX 166 SDRAM memory 32, using the computer program running adobe photoshop quite well, for beginners like me at that time was pretty good and enjoy in adobe photoshop using this program, so for you who want to learn adobe photoshop and just have the computer output in 1995, you can operate it comfortably, by installing programs or ver.5 adobe photoshop ver 5.5.

In operating adobe photoshop learning to put my own experiences so without the school first, and if in conveying this tutorial before I apologize if a lot of shortcomings.

For the short time I would certainly start with a basic introduction to adobe photoshop, in this case I will try to provide tutorial based on personal experience combined with some tutorials scattered fellow bloggers on the Internet and some supporters of the program as a reference adobe photoshop.

Install Adobe Photoshop program CS.2 Ver 9.0

CS.2 adobe photoshop ver 9.0 issued around the year 2005, was a bit behind because I think it was already out CS.4, but it does not matter because it basically starts from an existing tool CS.1 enough to do editing, image manipulation.

To start your adobe photoshop program must first install, easy way, you stay program includes CD adobe photoshop, search extension program setup.exe and follow the steps until you have to enter the serial number and activation code.

See the picture below

Finished install please restart your computer to get the expected performance and leave the default settings alone. You can now begin to operate this program.

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