Recall Toyota Prius in Singapore and Korea

A total of 70 units of Toyota Prius sold by the holder of the Toyota brand in Singapore, Borneo Motors Prius recall affected. Borneo Motors said on Tuesday that they had asked owners to send their cars to a Toyota dealership in Singapore for the ABS system software upgrade.

Borneo Motors also added, if this is the first time they did call the Prius car owners to upgrade the software, which is said would only take an hour. Recall affected unit is the third generation Prius, January 2009 and production last month. Meanwhile, the last recall ever conducted in Singapore was in 2003 against the ninth-generation Corolla.

Of the total global recall involving 400,000 cars, including models Plug-in Hybrid, SAI and HS250h. However, Borneo Motors stated, for the three other models are not a problem in Singapore. So was the fate of the Prius in South Korea. As reported by Xinhua News, Wednesday (10/2/2010) The Prius is 510 units produced between February 26, 2009 until January 27, 2010 and sold in South Korea will soon be withdrawn. The plan, the South Korean government will begin to make withdrawals from the Prius is coming February 16, 2010, after the new year Lunar New Year holidays.

Well, when in Singapore and South Korea, Toyota honest in attractive products, in Indonesia, Toyota says the Prius is not a problem. There's only computerized system programming problem cars. Strangely though having the same problem with Singapore and South Korea, Toyota in Indonesia do not want to call it as a form of withdrawal or recall. Toyota in Indonesia would only say the Prius, not a problem and just need a little improvement. And it was not a recall.

"There is no problem in Indonesia. After all what is going direcall. That damage is only on the program alone. And that lived in and reprogram it again he would be perfect," said president director Johnny Darmawan TAM.

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