Miss Indonesia 2010

Miss Indonesia 2010 awards event was held back. After the debriefing given enough, the finalists prepare for the judging process by the professionals in the field until the elected women who would make "all eyes were on him."

Of the 1500 participants who sign up, chose 33 finalists. The finalists following the quarantine period which began May 18th until the evening peak of Miss Indonesia 2010. The plan, the selection of Miss Indonesia 2010 will take place June 1, 2010 in Central Park Ballroom and broadcast live by television station RCTI.

For three weeks, the finalists get a debriefing from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Minister of State for Women's Empowerment, and the Governor of DKI Jakarta. Finalists were also given a variety of training should not solely rely on physical beauty, but also must be able to fully radiate beauty from within themselves. Training provided, including Class Beauty, Inner Beauty, Class, Public Speaking Class, and Table Manner Class.

On the final night, a total of 33 finalists will be tested by professional judges and experts in the field, namely Miss Indonesia Liliana Tanoesoedibjo founder, Martha Tilaar, Rima Melati, Raam Punjabi, Peter Saerang, Harry Darsono, and Ferry Salim. Miss Indonesia 2010 elections was also attended by two special guests, namely, chairman of Miss World and Miss World International.

"Two special guests will be present at the peak of Miss Indonesia 2010, including Miss World 2009 and Miss Julia Morley, chairman of Miss World International," explained project director Rudi Ramawy as Miss Indonesia 2010. Rudi explains, the age range finalist Miss Indonesia 2010 is varied and this year there are additional categories namely, Miss Innovation.

"Range age of the finalists is wide enough and varied. But clearly, they should bring Indonesian cultural values that can be taken abroad. There are additional to this year, namely Miss Innovation," he added. He said, Miss Innovation is selected by looking at their expertise in using technology, they learn all of Youtube and applied in everyday life. "Obviously this knowledge is the knowledge that positive, so that they can enrich oneself fully," he continued. The event selection of Miss Indonesia is also supported by partners remain, namely Sariayu.

"This is the sixth time Sariayu coupled RCTI. We think this event is aligned with the mission that was carried Sariayu. Not pretty from the outside, but also beautiful from the inside," said Deputy General Manager of PT Martha Beauty Gallery Tilaar Wulan. Wulan even explain, this year Sariayu give awards to women returning to the category of Miss Beautiful Skin and Miss Body Beautiful criteria beautiful skin, beautiful views of the skin and manicured.

The final night will feel different with the appearance of Aluna Orchestra, Nidjie, Marcell Siahaan, Vidi Aldiano, Petra SIH and Marsha Manopo with the concept of the show is more minimalist, but with a touch of international look. With a minimalist concept of the theme "The Beauty of Indonesia", the stage is made more simple but elegant. The pictures that reflect Indonesia emerged from the multimedia side.

Miss World to Jakarta on May 31, 2010 and on the same day, we also performed blocking exercise with Miss Indonesia and the 33 finalists for the evening peak of Miss Indonesia 2010. Miss Indonesia competition this election not only saw the academic achievement alone, but also the various talents that they possess. Finalists will see his talent from round fast track.

"Fast track in the modeling field, viewed from a flexible exercise and good choreography. Sport of the relay race and volleyball activities. Running measured from the velocity per person while the volleyball judged from their cooperation in playing volleyball. And the talent show, where the finalists must prepare The most prominent talents, able to dance, sing, or dance, "closed Dicky Producer Sadikin as Miss Indonesia.

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