Israel Pirate Ship Rachel Corrie

Israeli troops eventually Rachel Corrie hijacked ship carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. The barge was carrying 19 volunteers consisting of six citizens of Malaysia, a Cuban, an Englishman, six American citizens were the Philippines, and five citizens of Ireland.

Although Israel claims there is no violence in their operation, the action was denounced by Palestinian solidarity which is based in Dublin, Ireland. They remain even accused Israel of abducting the passenger ship hijacked and Rachel Corrie.

"For the second time in less than a week, Israeli forces attacked and hijacked a ship for help," said a volunteer who was convinced that there were passengers who were injured in the Israeli army action, Sunday (6 / 6).

Earlier, the Israeli army actions against Ships Mavi Marmara about 65 km from the Coast Gaza causing nine people died and tens of volunteers were injured. Direct action gets a reaction from the international world, by condemning the Israeli forces.

In its action, Israeli forces entered the ship Rachel Corrie after its request that the vessel is not negligible to the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army said it entered the ship with a peace operation. Israeli ensure no use of violence by both sides.

"Our troops boarded the ship and take over without a meeting, and the resistance of the crew or passengers. Everything went off without violence," a military spokesman said Israeli troops.

He also added that if most of the crew was from Ireland and Malaysia. They will sail to a port south of Asdhod. Rachel Corrie, who managed the ship was taken over by Israeli troops, eventually move closer to Israel. During the voyage, the ship continues to be escorted by the Israeli navy.

Only five hours after Israeli troops entered the Rachel Corrie, the ship was forced to enter the waters of Israel. Israeli military action after asking Ships Rachel Corrie was not close to the Gaza Strip is negligible.

According to the Israeli military, the ship was carrying 11 pro-Palestinian activists and eight crew. Some other information call the five residents of Ireland and six of Malaysia. "All these people will be questioned before being taken out as soon as possible," said Israel's immigration spokesman, Sabine Haddad.

Furthermore, the 19 passengers and crew were forced to ship Rachel Corrie menadatangani deportation letter would leave the country and the Zionist it. Israel also ensure that no citizen in the ship. Previously, the AFP launched as a citizen that there were four crew on board. However, this information has been denied by the Foreign Ministry of Indonesia.

Shot 30 times

The autopsy nine activists from Turkey who died in shooting incidents Mavi Marmara by the humanitarian ships Israek, has been issued. The activist was shot 30 times, five of them died because the right was shot in the head.

An autopsy conducted by the Turkish Council of Forensic Medicine on Friday (4 / 6) local time. Vice Chairman of the Council of Forensic Medicine of Turkey, Yalcin Buyuk, said the autopsy showed the majority of activists were shot at close range with a 9-millimeter bullet.

Also note a 60-year-old man, Ibrahim Bilgen, was shot four times at the temples, chest, hips and backs. While the United States a young man aged 19 years, Fulkan Dogan, was shot five times from a distance of less than 45 centimeters. Fulkan shot in the face, back of the head, twice in the leg, and once in the back.

While the other two men were shot four times. Then five other people killed were shot in the back of the head and back. Yalcin said that there were 48 other victims who also suffered gunshot wounds, while six activists remain missing.

Demo continues
Meanwhile, criticism of Israeli troop brutality continues. In Bandung, in addition to a peaceful demonstration by students, also held a large motor Cosanostra Joiner MC. They condemned the heinous act of Israeli soldiers.

Criticism as they pour in a sticker that read "We Curse the Attack on Humanitarian Aid" (We condemn the attackers humanitarian aid, red) with the flag of Israel who stabbed the sword. A total of 200 stickers were distributed to road users at the intersection of Jl. Ir.H. Djuanda - Jln. Sulanjana.

Counselors Cosanostra MC, Erwin Budiono, disclose these activities is at once denounced the action concerns the brutal actions of Israeli soldiers to volunteer to go to Palestine. "We condemn the attack action. For that, we were only able to mobilize action by distributing stickers concern about the concern for the Palestinians," he said.

The following morning, a similar action carried out dozens of students combined Bandung for Palestinian solidarity. They come from several elements such as Bandung and Pena Ring Forum Jatinangor KAMMI Bandung, Social Care Youth, BEM Bandung Raya, and Forum Gathering of Da'wah Institute Campus.

Action done right at the intersection of Causeway Dago, Bank BCA Branch facades of Dago. Action coordinator, Hamdan said the action was started since the implementation of the Car Free Day starting at 08:00 to 10:00 hrs.

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