Italy 0 Paraguay 1 at Halftime World Cup 2010

Italy 0 Paraguay 1 First Round World Cup 2010. Dominating the game, it should be left Italy 0-1 at halftime. Defender Antolin Alcaraz which break down the left goalpost "GLI Azzurri" in the 39th minute, via header with just welcomed Aureliano Torres free kick from the left sector, the Italian defense.

Despite the strict escort, succeeded in reaching Alacaraz ball sank into the top left corner of the net. Gianluigi Buffon is already moving to the right was fooled, so he was just stunned to see the nets goalkeeper vibrate.

It's so important capital of Paraguay to face the second half duel allowance for Group F at the Stadium of Cape Town, Cape Town, Tuesday (15/6/10). If they can maintain excellence, Paraguay travel towards the second round was lighter, because it met two teams stayed "weak" New Zealand and Slovakia.

Italy took the initiative to attack from the kick-off whistle sounded. The flow of the ball from the center conducted by Riccardo Montolivo and Daniele De Rossi, making "GLI Azzurri" continues to dominate the game while looking for opportunities to score goals.

However, efforts besutan team coach Marcello Lippi is still not reaping the rewards for meeting Paraguay's defense. "La Albirroja", which seems more ready to accept the Italian attack, do not let the duo Alberto Gilardino and Vincenzo Iaquinta free standing inside the penalty box. Thus, until the first 15 minutes, no chance that endanger the goal of Paraguay.

Only in the 20th minute, Italy had the opportunity to rip the nets Justo Villar. Unfortunately, Montolivo who received a long feed from behind, not too soon to make a counterattack. After passing through the center line and staying behind the players face two opponents, he hurried off toward the goal kick, which is easily captured Villar.

After that opportunity, Paraguay also respond and turns pressing the Italian defense. S just the same money, "Los Guaranies" was unable to penetrate the defense barricade Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro coordinated.

Minutes of the 29th, Italian made rear berjibaku Paraguay, when they got a corner kick. Fortunately, Antolin Alcaraz kick a ball very swiftly anticipate De Rossi is directed into the goal mouth, because while flying, he managed to drive the ball with his foot.

Continue to dominate the game, conceded a goal in Italy just 39 minutes. Alcaraz who became a nightmare for GLI Azzurri, because the header with just to deflect the ball free kick Aureliano Torres, Gianluigi Buffon babbling. Despite a convoy of about four Italian players, head Alcaraz managed to reach the skin round the sink down into the top left corner of the goal, but Buffon was already moving to the right. 1-0 score lasted until the interval.

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