Redboxx Surabaya Burned

Redboxx Surabaya. Police suspect the fire Redboxx Cafes and resulted in four employees were killed, Friday (25 / 6) morning, violating the operational hours. It is said Adjunct Chief Commissioner of Police in South Surabaya Big Happy Dachi Police in Surabaya, East Java, on Friday (25 / 6). According Dachi, the cafe should be open till 2:00 pm. "But when the event's café until 4:00 am opening, 'said Dachi.

According to some employees, a cafe located on the second floor of the mall Pakuwon HR Trade Center Way Muhammad, Surabaya, was open until 04:00 pm due to hold events together to watch the World Cup in 2010. However, it is still investigating the truth. "What, did the cafe was actually committed violations of operational or not," Dachi says. Until this news was revealed, police officers from the Police Headquarter Forensic Laboratory Branch Surabaya is still investigating the incident Cafe Redboxx fire that occurred at 3:30 pm it.

Two of the four victims killed in the fire have been identified, each Ewinda Day, residents Kebonsari No. 4-D Surabaya and Hari Purnomo, residents Simogunung I No. 41 Surabaya. The body was sent to both direct Bhayangkara Hospital Surabaya, while two other victims are still unidentified. In addition to the cafe employees killed four people, a fire that also wounded three other employees. All three burn victims were still undergoing intensive treatment at Family Partners Hospital Surabaya.

All three employees suffered serious burns. They are Endang Memey aka, citizens Nginden Peace I No. 3-A are working as sales of tobacco companies; Rista, residents Ambengan, Surabaya, as a waitress, and Ade, a resident of Cotton Madya No. 4-C, Surabaya, employees of the cafe. Meanwhile, Rudy, witnesses said, before it happened, he noticed there were about 10 employees who were still in the fateful cafe. "Some of them entered the` engineering `. Maybe they were among the dead," said the worker at the cafe.

Until now, officers are still investigating the cause of the incident. However, provisional estimates the fire was sparked by a short circuit in the electronic system in the cafe.

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