World Cup 2010 Prediction: Honduras vs Chile

Honduras vs Chile 2010 World Cup Prediction. One of the most feared teams are teams that have a track record of Chile to play in the round of world cup more than Honduras, as a prediction of Honduras vs Chile World Cup 2010. Both teams this World Cup contestants who will inhabit each other Group H clash in Nelspruit, Wednesday (16 / 6) local time. Honduras for the first time a grand re-tasted the World Cup event since two decades ago. Must have occurred to a glimmer of hope from the team in CONCACAF zone is to be able to perform optimally. Needless to grandiose, resistance to at least offset them a little taste of Chile satisfied. Or instead they made a surprise? Sometimes football save a million mysteries.

Far contrary to the Chilean national team. Yes, the squad besutan Marcelo Bielsa has a track record is indeed full of experience when compared to Honduras. For the event World Paial classmates, they have been consuming as much as seven times salt sour. Even the best performance, they never tasted the World Cup champion three editions in 1962. and What is the chance both to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa? Mencatatakan historical meeting between the two camps is limited only to the friendly course. Outside the agenda that they had never met. Counted five times the two teams never compete permissibility since 1996-2008.

From the fifth meeting, the Chilean digdaya. four were successfully won by the troops who are in the Conmebol zone. While the rest of Honduras. The greatest victory achieved by the team was nicknamed La Roja ie in the year 1999. At that time they melibas Honduras 5-2. While the team was ranked 38th in FIFA ranking is incised with a positive result when they overthrew Chile 2-0 times last met two years ago.

What about the current condition of both camps during the World Cup ahead of scrolling? Again, Chile is more superior. Of the seven games last test that passed La Roja, six of them fruitful victories and one defeat. Best of all they only conceded in a number of these games and breaking into the opposing goal as much as 13 times. Dramatically reversed 180 degrees with Honduras. They actually only won one victory, one series and five defeats from seven parties that they catatakan warming.

Chile seemed on paper can speak volumes on the game this time. They also have a deadly bomber who has high intelligence that Alexis Sanchez. Despite so, it should be wary of Chile was one of the best strikers such as David Suazo Honduras.

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