7 Tips Be Number 1 on Google Search Engine

7 Tips Be Number 1 on Google Search Engine. Tips that I do most of the same as those done by others that is SEO on page and off page SEO.

On Page SEO

On page SEO I do is:

1. Using a Plugin All in One SEO Pack

As you can see on the screen shoot above, Google displays the title and description in search results. So, enter the keywords you 1-3 optimization. In wordpress.org blog, I use the plugin All in One SEO Pack. This plugin can be used to optimize the blog title and description or posting.


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2. Enter a keyword in the opening paragraph posts

I enter 1-2 keywords in each paragraph of the opening created. I enter this keyword sealami possible in order not to disturb the reader and is considered spam.

3. Subtitles format post

Writing a systematic structure not only favored the reader, but also favored the same "spider" Google as coming from indexing a blog. For this purpose, I format subtitles when posting that I made need it.

Reference: How to Display and Use the Kitchen Sink for SEO On Page

4. Internal Links

Internal links are links created to link the post with the previous posting. What is the impact of internal links on Google search results? In my view the result is quite good.

We follow the SEO contest, I made a lot of links with targeted keywords (anchor text) in almost all the posts that I created. The result, I entered five large posts. However, this method is less elegant because I put links in posts that do not relate to the topics covered.

Currently, I only make internal links to the previous post when the topic is related. Apart from SEO aims, to facilitate the reader obtain relevant information in previous postings.

5. Said key buy domain

This I did in Problogkator. Domain said very nice key impact on search engine search results.

Off Page SEO

SEO off page SEO is more devastating impact than on page. To do that I do following things:

6. Creating back links from blogs that I have

I made this backlink posts, sidebar, footer, or blog page. For example, this post is one of them membacklink to Problogkator with anchor text blog creation services.

7. Backlink from Other Blogs

Backlink is obtained if other bloggers or blog posting referring to my own. I tried to create a unique and useful posts that are referenced by other bloggers. Moreover, I never membacklink Problogkator in one post guest blogger. Surely this must be adapted to the requirements permitted by the owner of the blog to make it look professional.

That's the tricks that I do. Keep in mind, this will take time and depend on the tight competition targeted keywords. It took me six months to make Problogkator be number one in Google for keywords making services blog.

Hopefully this trick seventh useful for those who need it.

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