Tactical Framework SEO

Tactical SEO framework. The essence of SEO can be simplified into three key elements in accordance with the mechanism of the search engine, including Google. The first element is crawling or browsing our website by search engine robots that are sent. The second element is the indexing process and enter a web page that has been collected into a database crawler, here too there is the process of filtering, filtering. The third element is the ranking, determining the ranking of web pages in the SERP (search engine result page) to search for relevant keywords. Understanding of the key elements and activities which are carried out search engines in each of these elements allows for SEO practitioners assembles an appropriate framework.

Conclusion The above is taken based on the following assumptions:

Robot search engines - Google named the robot Googlebot - explore the website for processing. This step is essential because without a visit and read a robot, a web page can not be entered into the database search engines, let alone get a ranking. From the data collected during the robot exploration, search engines to filter, classify, and perform other processing steps before being put into the database with a variety of attributes generated during processing.

When there are visitors who do a search for relevant keywords, search engines do recalculated based on the last condition to determine ranking in the SERP will be displayed. Search engines explore, indexing, and determine the ranking of each web page. The players must design a strategy with SEO meperhatikan following factors:

1. Exploration
2. Indexing

We need to realize that the search engines, including Google, is not working for us the owner of the website, he works to meet the needs of the wearer, they are visiting search engine to locate the information they need. So we need to add the following additional aspects:

4. User

Ranking is not our business to search engines. If our website is the only relevant source with certain keywords, search engines will only menghasilhan just one link in the SERP, our web pages. In fact not the case because there are many other website owners who want to get high ranking for those keywords. Therefore we also need to add one more:

5. Competition

Understanding the above helps us determine the right tactics at each step so that we can build the whole powerful SEO strategy.


SEO begins with the robot travel notes when exploring our website. Note the journey recorded in detail and accurately than by the search engines also our server logs by themselves. Some important things we can observe by looking at our server logs including:
  • Crawling traps, a problem that stopped the exploration.
  • The page is really not worth reading.
  • Duplicate content.
  • The frequency and depth of exploration.
  • There is a problem which is shown by the server response codes like 302, 304, 307, etc..
  • There is a series of redirects and repetition.
  • Broken links, error 404.

Script processing of log files such as logfilt AudetteMedia http://www.audettemedia.com/blog/seo-diagnostics-tool/ can process large amounts of log data and draw some important information related to the exploration of robots in a variety of presentation formats.

Analysis of enterprise-class systems such as Splunk http://www.splunk.com/ can break into pieces indormasi details on a particular segment.

Xenu is an application that operates on the client side to analyze perlaku robots and provides the actionable data easily. Unfortunately Xenu can not process more than 10,000 pages, so if size is bigger than your website, you need to divide it first.

One of the best facilities and is available free to use Google Webmaster Tools is capable of photographing a problem with accurate, including issues pertaining to the exploration of robots, duplicate content, even the server's performance.

Solely SEO-Action Problem

As always, the accuracy of the data is indeed the critical factor in this process, but nevertheless decisive action is taken based on the data. This also applies in terms of SEO, accurate data processing server logs from above is very important, but the most important thing is that we take action based on such information.

By conducting a systematic analysis based on the three components of activity earlier search engines, intelligent players who can sort the SEO frameworks to improve their websites, so they can get a better ranking. (source http://www.seobali.com)

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