Harga Nokia C6, C3 and E5

Nokia the largest mobile phone maker Nokia issued a series smartphone with Nokia C6, C3 and E5. Cheap Nokia smartphone with the recently launched new software is not supported. But analysts remain convinced the handset will be a heavy contender BlackBerry. C3, C6 and E5 is the latest handset from the world's largest mobile phone maker.

Nokia Price

1. Nokia C3 - US$122 (Rp 1,09 juta)
2. Nokia C6 - US$300 (Rp 2,7 juta)
3. Nokia E5 - US$244 (Rp 2,35 juta)

Outside the Supernova and the Surge, the majority of Nokia phone models only use a combination of letters and numbers. "This exciting product line from Nokia in line with the encouragement of messaging features to the mass market with E5 and into emerging markets with C3," said Gartner Research Vice President, Carolina Milanesi.

C3 and C6 is expected to be present in the second quarter, while E5 is expected to be shipped in the third quarter with a 2.4-inch color rich display. There is Wi-Fi connectivity, 2MP camera and support memory cards up to 8GB, C3 is the first mobile series 40 which has a full QWERTY keyboard, obviously Nokia.

C6 and E5-based Symbian. C3 Ovi allows users to manage mail and chat accounts directly from the phone without a PC, and is available in a diverse range of colors such as white-gold, thin gray and bright pink. C6 has a 3.2 inch screen and a 5MP camera with autofocus and flash combine both touch screen and keyboard. Ovi handset provides free maps and navigation.

While E5 combine to work and have fun with personal networks as well as support for corporate email through Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

"Our highly successful messaging device," said Anssi Vanjoki, Head of Market Nokia. "Service that provides easy access to consumer and corporate email and instant messaging is very popular with our QWERTY smart phones, like the Nokia E71 and Nokia E63. People want to get the best messaging features and social networking experience within the device at an affordable price whether it is in the form of sending short messages or instant messages, email or direct messages from Twitter account. "

Milanesi said, "E5 will create some pressure on RIM in Europe, because its price is only USD 2.35 million was very interesting and very good hardware specification."

This is very good for Nokia in the short term, said Milanesi, analyst and consumers will continue to watch closely what will happen next.

"These tools will certainly help the Nokia controls its market share, but they are not the actual software that we wait to see, and we have to wait for updates Symbian over the next year," said Milanesi

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