Say No to Krisdayanti

Say No to Krisdayanti. "Heboh benar" itu kayaknya kata yang pas dengan dunia keartisan di tanah air ini, sensasi dan sensasi yang suka dilakukan oleh para artis yang notabene sudah menjadi public figure, nah salah satu sensasi yang dilakukan oleh KD dengan melakukan adegan cium bibir mendapat banyak kritikan, ingin tau bagaimana situasinya anda bisa masuk aja ke facebook disana banyak komentar tentang krisdayanti dengan sang pacar Raul, nama grup di FB tersebut bernama Say No to Krisdayanti.

She has done everything there must be consequences. And that's what happened with Krisdayanti. Her courage to appear cordial and kissing on the lips in public, when Raul Lemos still not officially divorced from his wife, Noor Silvalay Athalia generate oblique accusations against KD. In fact, there is movement 'Say No to Krisdayanti' on Facebook.

This group quickly became the center of attention. People flocked to the group members 'Say No to Krisdayanti' it. Members also continued to grow. All who join in this group gives scathing comments about intimate acts such widow with two children with Raul.

They regret very much KD action. They consider what is done with Raul KD excessive and inappropriate. In fact, for a photo profile, facebook anti Krisdayanti was using images when KD and Raul were kissing. Not just pictures of the couple's romance only existing in the facebook. KD photographs at the beginning of the new well-known that there is at facebook. But, at his press conference yesterday with Raul, KD admitted was ready with a bad image that will come to him because of his love story with Raul. He'll be ready to accept everything.

"Pros cons there. I really want realistic it is. If that's the risk I should be ready for it," he said. Apparently, the saying love is blind was appropriate given to KD. Raul made his love of the homeland one diva is already no longer concerned with the responses of people against him. KD said he just wants to be happy. "Now she wants to come to me very seriously wants to make me happy. Raul people I love. She's love of the spirit and make me smile in the morning," he said, glancing affectionately to Raul

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