The Power of Hard Worker

The Power of Hard Worker - We often see A Employees work hard and be answered, he also felt to be one important person in the cycle of the company where he was a career system.

On the other hand, Owner / Chief felt that the employee has become an important component in the cycle of corporate systems, but the owner / leader of the company is not satisfied with the quality of jobs generated employee.

The controversy between the person who feels a person Locks, Hard Working, Responsible and become less valuable, compared with disappointment Owner / Leader of the employee work quality assessment.

Generally, a feeling to work hard and are responsible enough, but the effectiveness and quality are not addressed, this is usually caused by lack of knowledge and insight in an area that occupied him, Dissolved in a routine that causes the loss of creativity to develop new techniques and work productivity which bermamfaat to the Company.

The question is:
  1. Why would someone not have a strong desire to add knowledge and insights?
  2. Why A person does not realize he lost in routine, resulting in Mandulnya Creativity?
  3. Why Someone rarely to critics of his work from the point of bermamfaat Quality and Productivity for Company?
If someone has a strong dream, then he will have a strong desire to add knowledge and insights, then he will quickly realize if when he drown in a routine.

From Realizing that He Drowning in a routine that's not good for the company and its future, and he will seek creative solutions to resolve the issue.

Kreavitas with the underlying knowledge and insight that is true, of course, will result in Quality and Productivity bermamfaat Working for the progress of the Company.

Of course this article is too short to discuss problems and solutions, but with this paper, expected to be a mirror for his self-evaluation (reflection), whether we have the knowledge and insight is lacking in areas that we handle, whether we've lost in Routines , Do we have lost the creativity, If Yes, then we are categorized as not as Workers Hard Working Smart (Smart Worker).

Smart Workers, of course from time to time, always improving knowledge and insights relating to their expertise, and his creativity will continue to flow, of course, we can guess, how the quality and productivity work.

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