The game season 4 episode 6

The game season 4 episode 6 - Ahead of the brand new The Game episode that is set to take place today at 22:00 on BET – we take a look at a sneak peak of the episode titled ‘Men In Crisis’.

Last time, Malik went through a hard time after his arrestment and Derwin puts his career before friendship. What will happen this time as the players and the wives try to balance out their lives.

For those who haven’t been following the show for the last 4 seasons it has been on air then let us give you a reminder of what the show is about, ahead of today’s episode. The Game explores the lives of the women behind professional football players – the sacrifice involved and learning how to ‘play the game’ through a bunch of similar women she meets along the way.

Can Tia Mowry and the rest of the crew crank out another good episode? To find out, tune in to BET today at 22:00 to watch The Game season 4 episode 6 ‘Men In Crisis’.

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  1. wilujeng wengi apih.... ^^

    ada yg berniat menghilang dr dunia maya toh ? sok lah kalau kuat seminggu ditraktir mie ayam :p

    sayang bgt gak bawa kamus...:D
    jd ini blog yg PR nya 5 yak, ckckck....keren apih :)


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