Next DCL for Mass Effect 2

Next DCL for Mass Effect 2  - The launch of Mass Effect 3 is ready for the end of that 2011. BioWare's title cause great excitement, but before further speculation about the upcoming adventures of Commander Shepard developer wants to pay attention to the next downloadable Mass Effect 2 . This DLC is called "Arrival" ("Arrival") and connect the argument of Mass Effect 2 to the events of the third party.

Mass EffectThose who have completed the two previous games and seen the trailer for the submission of Mass Effect 3 will understand what "arrival" BioWare is referring to the name of this download. The developer has released the third capture of the DLC as we can see a countdown of just over two days that might make reference to the forthcoming release of information about it.

Needless to say that BioWare was distributed during the week two images on the download, always interacting with the public through requests for Facebook to release the next shot. Maybe this countdown has its meaning. In 48 hours we will leave doubts.

The image shown is a countdown which says that there are two days for your arrival that will captivate the most expectant following this saga really prolific and enduring relationship with this new content.

Mass Effect 2 is available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 only, so if you have another console to make you forget this. (source :

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