Birthday Gift Justin Bieber

Birthday Gift Justin Bieber - Given the recent birthday of Justin Bieber , can you who are wondering what gift will get this young Canadian singer. Well, Justin himself has been reported to be a Lamborghini, Lamborghini Gallardo namely P. Diddy.

From Twitter Justin Bieber , the artist recalled the promise he made Diddy a year ago, in which he said that when they turn 16 would give his Lamborghini. To which I said we all know you never give it away, Diddy talks a lot.

Bieber's birthday was celebrated on March 1, in the Californian city of Los Angeles, where the young singer was with his family and friends. To end the day, went to a bowling alley in this city, where he took a picture with Kobe Bryant.

In this video you can see the time when P. Justin Bieber Diddy shows the car I gave the age of 16:

Justin Bieber, a birthday party to raise money media

exactly 17 years ago an unknown young man named Justin Bieber was born in Canada . Then the world completely ignored the existence of Twitter , YouTube and that the child would become one of the musical heroes of the century and in the example and leader of millions of adolescents. Tuesday is her birthday and the whole world is aware of this and that social networks are a hive of congratulations and the event is a further claim for money, but used for charitable purposes.

# Happy17thBdayBiebs is a special group that was created in Twitter solely to celebrate the birthday of Canadian singer and within hours has become the second theme of the day.

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