Who care if Kate Middleton is a virgin?

Who care if Kate Middleton is a virgin? - The young and discreet Kate Middleton, the new Duchess of Cambridge and now officially Catherine has not had to demonstrate, as did the mother of her husband, her virginity. A tradition in the history of the British monarchy has gone with this wedding.

Life has changed a lot since that distant July 29, 1981, the day of the wedding between Prince Charles and Diana Spencer. Before the wedding, held in London's St Paul's Cathedral, the uncle of Lady Di issued a key issue in those days: his niece was a virgin. An example of traditional English society was in the early eighties of last century.

William and Catherine are now husband and wife
Everyone assumed that, Diana had had boyfriends before Carlos. She was timid, did not bachelorette party, as Kate has done the night before her wedding was spent "watching television" as acknowledged in his memoirs years later.

It now seems impossible to ask that to a young couple living in modern times in which sex and sexual freedom are increasingly questioned.

William and Kate are dating for eight years and have three living together, with the result that she is popularly known in Britain as' Waity Katie (Katie Patient). In fact, in college days, shared apartment.

A generation apart

An expert quoted by Associated Press features an English company "modern, where people have sex before settling down." What makes them no different from most couples. Before reaching a greater commitment, living together, meet and discover their compatibility with the person who, in theory, will spend the rest of your life.

Today, this issue does not bother people. In fact, this issue goes unnoticed beyond some reports or questions thrown on the Web , merely putting the British Royal Family in the real world.

Slides of these comments, perhaps it is better to have sex before marriage that couples broken the previous generation of British royalty. Of the four children of Queen Elizabeth, three of them have been separated (Charles, Anne and Andrew, the first two have remarried) and only stays married to his first wife, the youngest, Edward. Probably those public infidelities were one of the reasons for the drop in popularity of the royal family among his subjects.

So say the Queen has many hopes for this new partner: the Duke of Cambridge, Princess of Wales and future King of England.

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  1. Kate is a woman. she does know right or not for her life. But her life is our business. right?


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