iPhone 5, it is logical to arrive this year

iPhone 5, it is logical to arrive this year, With the IPAD 2 ready to go on stage and taking into account that this new model is a response to news of other brands, it seems logical and sensible to think that Apple could do more of the same with your mobile phone. So says China Times, which says that future iPhone would be 5 and a trial production ahead of a launch later this year. It speaks of the fourth quarter.

The update of the iPhone in its fifth version would respond to similar circumstances to those which existed at the original update to the new iPad iPad 2. For the iPhone 5 first of all is the size of the screen. Advantaged rivals and far exceed four inches, and Apple must respond to that concern.

iPhone 5, updated or resist

That hackneyed 4-inch screen for the iPhone 5 miss by checking if they realize this growth Retinal Display, thing that we are almost certain to happen because they do not dare to remove that advantage in their next phone, as it has become a feature of the present version. What happens is we do not increase the size of the terminal, so we'll finally be a part reduction of the screen.

NFC technology also should not miss this future iPhone 5. Is a control system and payment to be launched this year and its rivals also are betting on it. A better processor, as has happened with the iPad 2, would be another one of those logic elements that would come with this new phone from Apple, which hardly be design changes beyond a course back to the metal chassis to replace the existing glass.

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