The iPhone 4

The iPhone 4. Increasingly, the sources say the iPhone 'low cost' will be released this year. What started as a rumor, and is more than evident. The apple company will launch low-cost version of its iPhone 4 with a flash drive smaller than 8GB.

This has been confirmed to Reuters two unnamed sources familiar with the matter say the flash memory to the company's new smartphone is being manufactured by a Korean company, but have not specified which one. In principle, Apple might be working with South Korea's Samsung or Toshiba of Japan.

The iPhone 4 has led since its launch a success in the field of smartphones. This is the second smartphone iPhone from the apple company and seems to be the last. In September Apple introduced the third version of the phone, the iPhone in May, and everything indicates that these dates could also unravel the model 'low cost'. The desire of the company access to a wider audience would have been to raise a phone at a cost far below its current models, namely about $ 350 according to the latest rumors suggest.

As usual, Apple is silent and does not make statements to the wave of assumptions about their new devices. For now, sources suggest that the new iPhone low cost which some call the iPhone 4S, for its resemblance to existing, have a touch screen bigger, better antenna and a camera of 8 megapixel .

With alleged leaked images circulating on the Internet and increasingly reliable sources, it seems that the only thing left is to wait until September to learn the model of selling cheaper 'iPhone'.

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