HTC Pyramid Technical Specifications Revealed

HTC Pyramid Technical Specifications Revealed, HTC is back at it again, and allegedly has had an oversight and has leaked some screenshots quite revealing that they have been exposed by the people of XDA-Developers. Where we know the values ​​supposedly the end of the device hardware and the version of Android and HTC's proprietary interface, incorporating Sense HTC.

There have been many rumors that have surrounded the future star HTC terminal, some have been confirmed, others refuting. But today we have, with the help of the guys from XDA-Developers, some pictures and screenshots of the new terminal which reveals interesting findings of the new phone. The HTC Pyramid scene again

As the brain of the beast, is confirmed by the catch, incorporating a 1.2 GHz processor Dual-Core. That sources could correspond with a MSM8260 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor to compete with the Nvidia Tegra processor and Samsung Exynos. We do not have performance tests to compare these processors yet, but we can not wait to make a comparison as we have this new terminal.

For this process does not suffer major bottlenecks due to a possible lack of memory, the terminal will have a more than adequate 768 MB of RAM. A sum more important given that whenever we are talking about mobile phones.

So we can enjoy all the content you can offer, mounted a generous 4.3-inch screen, which apparently will QHD resolution, ie 960 x 540 pixels. Does not reach the resolution that has the iPhone Retinal Display 4, but obviously, dangerously close, as the Apple display terminal with 960 x 640 pixels resolution.

Other features that have been confirmed, but which are not expected anything which will have cameras. At the back we will have an optical 8 MP, and in front of a VGA camera, 1.3 MP, for video calls. With these numbers and the processor that incorporates the most likely to possess the power to record in high definition, 1080p, but this feature has not been confirmed.

Already in the software we found that HTC has decided to jump into this terminal Gingerbread and version 2.3.2 will incorporate Google's operating system, like the third version of its interface Sense. We have to wait to see what will bring the HTC Sense 3.0.

As we have more data, we will make you come, because the terminal promises to be an exponent for the European market. In fact, it is known that in the United Kingdom, the terminal will be renamed and will be renamed "Sensation." But we'll have to wait for its output to meet your specifications and see how it develops.

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