11 Youth modifier Internet

Some marketers may sesumbar on the Internet you know about them and about the hard work they achieve such status. But you know that there sadarkah lho handful of people who earn more than the Internet marketers this? These people are considered as part of the inventors of the Internet! Without 11 people, the internet will not be believed sepopuler now. These are they:
1 & 2. Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Find Google in 1998 when they were new age of 24 years. Start in the garage which is the "office" their first two this inspire thousands of young people to earn money online. Larry and Sergey and create a company worth multi-billion dollar a mengguncangkan Internet.
3. Mark Zuckerberg

 Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard university students find Facebook as a social network platform for young people in the university when he was a new age of 19 years. Facebook is now the web site the second largest social network after MySpace. Facebook continues to grow day by day, with millions of new users who continue to register each month!
4 & 5. Steve Chen and Chad Hurley
You Tube

 The creator of the website "online video sharing", YouTube. They founded YouTube in 2005 when Chad was 28 years old 27 years old and Steve. YouTube acquired by Google and the value of $ 1.65 billion.
6 & 7. Jerry Yang and David Filo

 In 1995 these two men find Yahoo!, A search engine which is the nearest rival Google. Jerry aged 26 years and David Filo 28 years old when they created the Yahoo!
This is now the second person may be more warm warm-spoken people, after Microsoft launched a bid worth U.S. $ 44.6 billion to take over Yahoo!
8. Matt Mullenweg

 Matt Mullenweg new age of 19 years when he created the blogging platform that is now used everywhere. He WordPress blogging platform established in 2005, and since the blogosphere is starting evolved. People began to move from MovableType and WordPress to other platforms, because this new platform is simple to use and always updated and increased.
9. Tom Anderson
My Space

 Creating the # 1 social network in the world with more than 100 million users, Tom Anderson founded MySpace in 2004 when he was a new age of 23 years. He may not sekaya Mark Zuckerberg, but she was a founder of social network that is used most widely on the Internet.
10. Pierre Omidyar

 In 1995, when it was new 28 years old, Pierre Omidyar founded eBay, sale online world. Since then, many people appreciate penemuannya, so encourage eBay to become the world platform.
11. Blake Ross

 In 2003, Blake Ross Mozilla when he established a new age of 19 years. Since then, Mozilla grow very rapidly, tempt Internet users to use Mozilla Firefox explorers themselves, which are more easily operated than most other web browser application.

Whether you're able to like them, why do not they also human. your next internet as modifier ?..

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