Google Wave

For you facebook users, be prepared with a new toy, named "Google Wave." According to the authorized site, a new product from Google is still in development and will launch this in 2009. If the view from the screenshotnya, new toys from google this seems to want to compete again facebook is a good ranking alexa and Pagerank
From various sources that I read, Google's applications, Wave combines many features, such as Email, Chat, Wikis, Social Networking, and others. Among the innovative features of the google wave, some of which approximately like this:

  • Real-time: we can see directly what is a person, per character!
  • Embeddability: Google wave can also install on our blog or website to get cool:)
  • Applications and Extensions: such as Facebook, google wave can also be added to the application anythink game also can be.
  • Wiki functionality: it is like wikipedia loh. So anythink the Wave at Google we can edit.
  • Open source: a lot of this like the programmer. Google Code code-Wave can be developed, though more is innovatif so ..
  • Playback: As a movie, if want to see a part of the google wave that I lived through the playback:)
  • Natural language: a wave in the google auto correct facility for words that are similar, can also auto-translate. (also if I can get, so can chat with anybody in the world)
  • Drag-and-drop file sharing: No attachments brethren; live select the file that would be divided, for, hold and drag to enter the google wave. (psst ... do not for-files for the exotic yaa:)
Dowload video here
The advantages offered by another new application that does this is open source so users are free to modify according to their desire. Lars Rasmussen, the leader of this project in a blog that "every person in the 'wave' can use a combination of images, video, and even from other web sources. You can see what your friends in a 'wave' directly through the available screen. " Until this new application is available for new developers, not yet known when akan released to the public.

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  1. nice google wave vs facebook, bakalan ramai nih dunia maya

  2. postingan kita sama ya, hehehe...
    keep blogging.

  3. I've just heard about this. I can't wait...

  4. bentar lagi demam pesbuk bakal ganti jadi demam google wave hihihi

  5. Sip lah,..kalo google punya biasanya wokeh..
    tapi bukannya Fesbuk itu juga punyanya google??

    I Like my friend, if like english language.
    support just for U..

  7. Mantaabb kang inpo nya,, aduh, yutub uy video nya.. bakalan lambreta nonton nya neh.. hehehe... gud luck kang...keep share

  8. waw keren pisan info na pih muantap surantap

  9. wah buat pengguna facebook ya sob....q g termasuk ni....hiks hiks hiks...

  10. wah wah ko banyak blog kawan-kawan yang bahasanya beralih ke bahasa obama ya, ada gerangan? Adsense or PTR neh, hi....hi... Sukses ah kang Apih. Eh kembali salam k Drs. Fauzan.

  11. yang menarik, google macthing sama fecebook nih...

  12. sesah ah kang macana.. he2
    nice info frenz.. keep share :)


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