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Search engine optimization (SEO) search engine optimization is a process to improve our website ranking on search engines for particular keywords.

Why we need SEO? Most internet users use search engines to find information needed. They will enter certain keywords and search engines will identify and display content from website related to that keyword. Search engine users tend to visit website that appear on the main page of notabene with a high ranking on search engines.

Include SEO on page optimization and off page optimization.
On page optimization refers to how the order page so that our website or at least according to a rule identification search engine. 

Tips for on page optimization:
  1. Choose a unique content2 and in accordance with the theme of our website.
  2. Tag optimization - Make all web pages we have a title that is unique / different with one another and create a description meta tag for each.
  3. Content2 Update website regularly.
  4. Make a sitemap website so that we easily recognized search engine. Sitemap is a page that contains links from all pages on the website us.
  5. Create the view that simple but it can include all the pages on our website.
Off page optimization - further referred to the factors outside of our website which has been designed, how we publish our website. The main purpose of this page is off to get a quality back links from other websites.

Tips for off page optimization:
  • Create and submit articles to article directory available. With the men-submit articles to article directories usually we will be given a special column to introduce our profile. Here we promote our website and get a quality backlink. Sample article directory: (article directory that is quite famous, but we submit that article is very difficult in-approve / approved to be published). (based on the experience easier to approve in-and good enough to get quality back links). (not yet have the experience to this directory).
  • Make a link exchange with another website, the exchange of notes to do with a website that Benar2 active backlink, so that we can also awake quality.
  • On the forum website and social networking. Forums and social sites is a fairly good place to get a backlink and exchange links with fellow members.
  • Submit your website to the web directory. Web site directory is a directory of special-me list every website based on a specific category. Keep in mind that most free web directory of quality is hard to apply the rules for each website you sign up, for example: non-adult sites, the web must be over the age of 6 months, etc..
Web directory now is the best as many sites that use the data and the good news is not interesting DMOZ aliases free of charge. Other examples: Yahoo directory, but unfortunately have to pay annual fees. Besides the two web directory is still there are many Web Directory is free.

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