Dede Yusuf "Come forward Leading Youth"

Dede Yusuf is the son of the second pair (alm) Ir. Tammy and Rahayu Effendi. Brother Bob is Soelaiman Effendi. Dede deceased father worked as the Director of the Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) Jakarta. Meanwhile, His mother a dancer in the Bogor Palace, and the accent Garuda switch professions to become movie stars in early 1965. When Dede was born, one of the film ibundanya, Macan Kemayoran reap success. So that his father named "Macan". So that does not seem vicious, grandfather Dede add the name "Joseph."

Originally Dede family still stay in the house of the grandfather Roestam Effendi (the poet prose 1945). Dede at age 8 years old, her parents separated. Dede and brother always keep changing the home, sometimes in his father's house, sometimes at home mother. Conditions form the character Dede become quite naughty and impish. To muffle berkelahinya hobby, his father's activities include Dede in silat. Dede also have a hobby of reading comics. This hobby is so mempengaruhinya Dede aspire to be super human like Batman or Superman, and astronauts.

Current divorce parents Dede not only a negative impact. Due to the separation, Dede become an independent figure. Even at the age of 10 years old Dede already run a business renting comics to friends in school.

Dede has been since junior high school weight training program to follow the style of idolanya, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dede's body, so to be more sturdy than seusianya friend at that time. Dede is not only to learn silat. Various types of sports dicobanya avenge themselves, such as Karate, Kungfu, Kempo, Jujitsu, and taekwondo which has been at the level samapi AND Kukkiwon-IV (fourth Dan).

Not only practice, the competition also Dede avenge themselves, ranging from championship branch to national level from 1982 to 1990. Dede had to reach the title National Champion lightweight taekwondo classes in 1984 and light weight class in 1988. He was listed as the Indonesian national team for several consecutive years respectively. Until finally he was stopped and the concentration of students trained in the DOJO / DOJANG (a club for self-care). Including establishing university taekwondo as Sembrani Club, BRI club, 6 high school club, Pangudi Luhur Club, etc..


Dede on favorite martial, making them wish to become stars fight like Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris. Dede is also willing to follow a variety of casting. He also often be the extras that accompany the fight and again that stars such as Barry Prima, George Rudy, and Advent Bangun. Dede also receive a bid as a model in magazines capital. With a determination to enter the world fully Showbiz, Dede willing to leave in the fourth lecture in the Faculty of Industrial Technology University of Trisakti.

Opportunity came in 1986 with a debut as the first film role at the Si Boy Note besutan director Nasry Cheppy. After that, the more often Dede play and film (also) television series. Serial television toss his name is The House We TVRI in the role as Jojo who is able to survive for 4 years (1989-1992).

In 1992, Dede invited by Ani Sumadi to guide quiz TIK Boom Not that survive in the top rating television for 6 years (1992-1998). Dede also be advertising stars some products, such as Tira Jeans, Homy PED, Bosowa Motor, and Green Sands, and Bodrex. Dede has even become stars ikaln Bodrex for 14 years.

After the death of the father in 1993, Dede has changed the role of drama into action. Serial action that Dede dibintangi The Road is the entrance Membara Television Award nominations. Dede also star and direct film Reincarnation (2000) who successfully reach pernghargaan as Laga Film Praised Bandung Film Festival 2000.

In addition, known as the actor, a former photo model is also known as a presenter, producer and director reliable. Even Vidia Cup 1994 Madya-FFI was the story of serial dikoleksinya Bicycles Children Pak Uztad the disutradarainya.

Dede acquainted with the political world with Kosgoro since joining in 1992 as one of the management center. But eventually the film more interesting. Dede was developed as Head of General candidates PARFI (United Artists Film Indonesia), which eventually won sys NS, Dede is being positioned as the Secretary General of PARFI. Along kesibukannya for syuting, Dede was eventually resign. Finally, the practical political pulling back. Dede register as a candidate for the PAN's legislative constituency Jabar IX (Kuningan-Ciamis, Banjar). Dede was elected as Member for the legislative term of office 2004-2009 and sat on the Commission VII do membidangi Energy, Living environment, Oil and Gas and RISTEK.


SD Budi Waluyo / Jkt 1972 - 1978
SMP Budi Waluyo / Jkt 1979 -1981
SMA Negeri VI / Jkt 1981 - 1984
Level IV Industrial Engineering, Univ. Trisakti / Jkt s Sem.VII, does not pass)
Pencak Silat martial-"Al-Azhar" 1976 - 1980
Kung-fu "movement Heaven" 1980 - 1981
Taekwondo "Persada club" 1981 - 1999

Private life
Dede married Ir.Sendy Ramania Wurandani in early 1999 after the date for 7 years. They became acquainted when Dede Tae Kwon Do instructor in high school Tarakanita. At that time to be Sendy a Mayorette / commander of the Field Band Drum Tarakanita. From this marriage, they are endowed with two children, Alifiya Arkana Paramita (Lifi) and Kaneishia Lathifa Zahra (Neishia).

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